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Mon Aug 07 20:01:43 2017 +0000
c86f1b0cdbdc5d2af59cda42510329632f41c753Thom Chiovoloni — Bug 1388149 - Make PlacesUtils.history.insertMany respect provided GUIDs r?markh
06c9ca99d4618e2d3316218249cc5672dbf70119Tom Schuster — Bug 1385278 - Move IsCacheable* functions to CacheIR from Ion. r=jandem
19ed20aa5c3e0962b8ed6746660cb6a5a4f14e68Jonathan Kew — Bug 1388059 - Ignore font size tolerance when selecting faces from a font family during global fallback. r=lsalzman
551898614c2c8e44fd249cf7f924c9e43d3eff01Jonathan Kew — Bug 1385462 - Ensure GlyphRunIterator::NextRun returns false immediately if the textrun's only glyphrun does not have a valid font. r=lsalzman
2024c4bb1c766f5c42f428abe03b7e500e364666Ben Kelly — Bug 1387211 Avoid potential deadlock during worker shutdown. r=billm
eb96d03a53a2af0ebe762ce6ff4a37cc9035073cHonza Bambas — Bug 1386323 - Perform HTTP response throttling only for a limited time after new transactions are actived. r=mcmanus
c037eccf31b487c85eabd7348bfa5016f061f8dbHonza Bambas — Bug 1387090 - Properly handle DontThrottle flag in all places in nsHttpTransaction. r=mcmanus