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Mon Apr 02 16:04:40 2018 +0000
2a780254e1a9424575deb7a7c91b2901bee7cc70Brad Werth — Bug 1298008 Part 6: Update a devtools test that checks the computed values of auto margins in the box model.
0593653f96934f32a6876fa1b8a21daa48f4e91aBrad Werth — Bug 1298008 Part 5: Change a web-platform test that checks getComputedStyle to PASS.
2c886e82566243bbe5283249d13458d9d8b0210fBrad Werth — Bug 1298008 Part 4: Add a web-platform test of getBoxQuads on block and flex boxes with auto margins.
f9b5bb4bee40c41b25ca09aca879aa4d074e3cd7Brad Werth — Bug 1298008 Part 3: Update ReflowInput::CalculateBlockSideMargins to store computed values in the UsedMargin property.
8ea7bb07b8a9b54b721151eb897ed0615fcfd936Brad Werth — Bug 1298008 Part 2: Make nsFlexContainer update UsedMargin property after final reflow.
f519f0f732adc5b181912bfc6653293c271d34aeBrad Werth — Bug 1298008 Part 1: Update GeometryUtils::GetBoxRectForFrame to use GetMarginRectRelativeToSelf for margin boxes.