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Wed Nov 16 01:21:11 2016 +0000
01e03d6475db447a61f3e6a2503de9913625a660Mark Hammond — Bug 1303831 - have _buildGUIDMap yield to the event loop and have it abort on shutdown. r?tcsc,rnewman
5698c80f0eab6a38ab574080276516e6229e350eMark Hammond — Bug 1317592 - don't try syncing other engines after one fails with a shutdown error. r?rnewman
6916134db0cf59d56916e945e1d91ee2ac1473cdMark Hammond — Bug 1317589 - store the most recent hashed UID so we can still report it on transient errors renewing tokens. r?tcsc
7bb9038dbee47fe9275de09c3cb9b9ff08d504f2Mark Hammond — Bug 1317587 - don't start scheduled sync after shutdown. r?rnewman