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Fri Jun 08 00:14:56 2018 +0000
64108ceb99a3bb5b516f1fa78859b674f997002dBrad Werth — Bug 1466231 Part 3: Add a reftest.
1e8d429ab6b1549ea547b573a2dbfb94ddbd1ac1Brad Werth — Bug 1466231 Part 2c: Prevent nsLineLayout::CanPlaceFrame from placing continuing text run frames when a break is already identified.
ce3d6cb61a006000aa995833aba24890c26bd55eBrad Werth — Bug 1466231 Part 2b: Make nsLineLayout stop attempting to set more break opportunities after noting that backup may be necessary.
1c05ef1871db5fc2bce2b3e59f1c406d2ba80fc7Brad Werth — Bug 1466231 Part 2a: Change nsBlockFrame::PlaceLine to accept an nsFlowAreaRect and update the mHasFloats flag if it shrinks the area due to a float.
013bccdf5a9ed5c5dc09ed5f0099129a19e5857aBrad Werth — Bug 1466231 Part 1: Make nsLineLayout also track block size of the currently considered band, and check against it in CanPlaceFrame.