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#ifndef alloc_hooks_h__
#define alloc_hooks_h__

 * This file is force-included in hunspell code.  Its purpose is to add memory
 * reporting to hunspell without modifying its code, in order to ease future
 * upgrades.
 * Currently, the memory allocated using operator new/new[] is not being
 * tracked, but that's OK, since almost all of the memory used by Hunspell is
 * allocated using C memory allocation functions.

#include "mozilla/mozalloc.h"
#include "mozHunspellAllocator.h"

#define malloc(size) HunspellAllocator::CountingMalloc(size)
#define calloc(count, size) HunspellAllocator::CountingCalloc(count, size)
#define free(ptr) HunspellAllocator::CountingFree(ptr)
#define realloc(ptr, size) HunspellAllocator::CountingRealloc(ptr, size)