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Bug 612103 - Followup: Only report a failure when the call actually fails. r=jrmuizel a=blocking-final

This is the ANGLE project, from

Current revision: r550

Applied local patches:
    angle-shared.patch - add declspec dllexport/dllimport support on win32

    angle-fixes.patch - fix angle issues 51 & 52

    angle-nspr-misc.patch - don't bother with ANGLE_OS detection with NSPR

    angle-pbuffers.patch - add pbuffer support to ANGLE, and d3d texture handle query (angle issue 91)

== Visual Studio Solution Files ==

The VS solution/project files that are used to build ANGLE are built
with VS2008 in upstream ANGLE.  Because our build machines use VS2005,
they need to be downgraded using before being
checked in with an ANGLE update.

== Regenerating Parser ==

The parser is now generated and included in the ANGLE svn repo.