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Bug 1473651: Track animated image status for generated content and content: url(). Summary: I thought of just moving the tracking to nsImageFrame instead of nsImageLoadingContent entirely, though that would mean I need to handle it also in nsImageBoxFrame and nsSVGImageFrame, which was even more duplicated code. Ideas for testing this welcome, though all our animated image test-cases are borked (all reftests in image/test/reftest/apng are disabled, and all the ones for gifs that have animations as well). I'll cross-ref this bug and bug 1473651 so that we can write a test for this once that's fixed. Test Plan: See above Reviewers: dholbert Tags: #secure-revision Bug #: 1473651 Differential Revision: MozReview-Commit-ID: FzPD4jdmskT

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