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Bug 1244590 - Part 6: Refactor the calculation of StyleAnimationValue. We want to reuse the StyleAnimationValues of properties of each keyframe when applying spacing and building animation property segments, so refactor this part. MozReview-Commit-ID: 8G56C3BU3FR

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#ifndef mozilla_SandboxLogging_h
#define mozilla_SandboxLogging_h

// This header defines the SANDBOX_LOG_ERROR macro used in the Linux
// sandboxing code.  It uses Android logging on Android and writes to
// stderr otherwise.  Android logging has severity levels; currently
// only "error" severity is exposed here, and this isn't marked when
// writing to stderr.
// The format strings are processed by Chromium SafeSPrintf, which
// doesn't accept size modifiers or %u because it uses C++11 variadic
// templates to obtain the actual argument types; all decimal integer
// formatting uses %d.  See safe_sprintf.h for more details.

// Build SafeSPrintf without assertions to avoid a dependency on
// Chromium logging.  This doesn't affect safety; it just means that
// type mismatches (pointer vs. integer) always result in unexpanded
// %-directives instead of crashing.  See also the files,
// which apply NDEBUG to the .cc file.
#ifndef NDEBUG
#define NDEBUG 1
#include "base/strings/safe_sprintf.h"
#undef NDEBUG
#include "base/strings/safe_sprintf.h"

namespace mozilla {
// Logs the formatted string (marked with "error" severity, if supported).
void SandboxLogError(const char* aMessage);

#define SANDBOX_LOG_LEN 256

// Formats a log message and logs it (with "error" severity, if supported).
// Note that SafeSPrintf doesn't accept size modifiers or %u; all
// decimal integers are %d, because it uses C++11 variadic templates
// to use the actual argument type.
#define SANDBOX_LOG_ERROR(fmt, args...) do {                          \
  char _sandboxLogBuf[SANDBOX_LOG_LEN];                               \
  ::base::strings::SafeSPrintf(_sandboxLogBuf, fmt, ## args);         \
  ::mozilla::SandboxLogError(_sandboxLogBuf);                         \
} while(0)

#endif // mozilla_SandboxLogging_h