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#include "nsISupports.idl"
#include "nsICache.idl"

interface nsICacheEntryDescriptor;
interface nsICacheListener;

[scriptable, uuid(ae9e84b5-3e2d-457e-8fcd-5bbd2a8b832e)]
interface nsICacheSession : nsISupports
     * Expired entries will be doomed or evicted if this attribute is set to
     * true.  If false, expired entries will be returned (useful for offline-
     * mode and clients, such as HTTP, that can update the valid lifetime of
     * cached content).  This attribute defaults to true.
    attribute PRBool doomEntriesIfExpired;

     * A cache session can only give out one descriptor with WRITE access
     * to a given cache entry at a time.  Until the client calls MarkValid on
     * its descriptor, other attempts to open the same cache entry will block.

     * Synchronous cache access.  This returns a unique descriptor each
     * time it is called, even if the same key is specified.  When
     * called by multiple threads for write access, only one writable
     * descriptor will be granted.  If 'blockingMode' is set to false, it will
     * return NS_ERROR_CACHE_WAIT_FOR_VALIDATION rather than block when another
     * descriptor has been given WRITE access but hasn't validated the entry yet.
    nsICacheEntryDescriptor openCacheEntry(in ACString          key,
                                           in nsCacheAccessMode accessRequested,
                                           in boolean           blockingMode);

     * Asynchronous cache access. Does not block the calling thread.
     * Instead, the listener will be notified when the descriptor is
     * available.
    void asyncOpenCacheEntry(in ACString          key,
                             in nsCacheAccessMode accessRequested,
                             in nsICacheListener  listener);

     * Evict all entries for this session's clientID according to its storagePolicy.
    void evictEntries();
     * Return whether any of the cache devices implied by the session storage policy
     * are currently enabled for instantiation if they don't already exist.
    PRBool isStorageEnabled();