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Bug 1399628 - Disable Shield extension in Marionette and geckodriver. r=ato Shield experiments interfer with core features of Firefox which can cause tests run via Marionette or geckodriver to fail. Resetting the API URL will make sure that no experiments can be downloaded. MozReview-Commit-ID: HnE49jfnen7

use mozprofile::preferences::Pref;

lazy_static! {
    pub static ref DEFAULT: [(&'static str, Pref); 80] = [
        // Disable automatic downloading of new releases
        ("app.update.auto", Pref::new(false)),

        // Disable automatically upgrading Firefox
        ("app.update.enabled", Pref::new(false)),

        // Increase the APZ content response timeout in tests to 1
        // minute.  This is to accommodate the fact that test environments
        // tends to be slower than production environments (with the
        // b2g emulator being the slowest of them all), resulting in the
        // production timeout value sometimes being exceeded and causing
        // false-positive test failures.
        // (bug 1176798, bug 1177018, bug 1210465)
        ("apz.content_response_timeout", Pref::new(60000)),

        // Enable the dump function, which sends messages to the system
        // console
        ("browser.dom.window.dump.enabled", Pref::new(true)),

        // Indicate that the download panel has been shown once so
        // that whichever download test runs first does not show the popup
        // inconsistently
        ("browser.download.panel.shown", Pref::new(true)),

        // Implicitly accept license
        ("browser.EULA.override", Pref::new(true)),

        // use about:blank as new tab page
        ("browser.newtabpage.enabled", Pref::new(false)),

        // Assume the about:newtab pages intro panels have been shown
        // to not depend on which test runs first and happens to open
        // about:newtab
        ("browser.newtabpage.introShown", Pref::new(true)),

        // Never start the browser in offline mode
        ("browser.offline", Pref::new(false)),

        // Background thumbnails in particular cause grief, and disabling
        // thumbnails in general cannot hurt
        ("browser.pagethumbnails.capturing_disabled", Pref::new(true)),

        // Avoid performing Reader Mode intros during tests
        ("browser.reader.detectedFirstArticle", Pref::new(true)),

        // Disable safebrowsing components
        ("browser.safebrowsing.blockedURIs.enabled", Pref::new(false)),
        ("browser.safebrowsing.downloads.enabled", Pref::new(false)),
        ("browser.safebrowsing.passwords.enabled", Pref::new(false)),
        ("browser.safebrowsing.malware.enabled", Pref::new(false)),
        ("browser.safebrowsing.phishing.enabled", Pref::new(false)),

        // Disable updates to search engines
        ("browser.search.update", Pref::new(false)),

        // Do not restore the last open set of tabs if the browser crashed
        ("browser.sessionstore.resume_from_crash", Pref::new(false)),

        // Skip check for default browser on startup
        ("browser.shell.checkDefaultBrowser", Pref::new(false)),

        // Do not warn when quitting with multiple tabs
        ("browser.showQuitWarning", Pref::new(false)),

        // Disable Android snippets
        ("browser.snippets.enabled", Pref::new(false)),
        ("browser.snippets.syncPromo.enabled", Pref::new(false)),
        ("browser.snippets.firstrunHomepage.enabled", Pref::new(false)),

        // Do not redirect user when a milestone upgrade of Firefox
        // is detected
        ("browser.startup.homepage_override.mstone", Pref::new("ignore")),

        // Start with a blank page (about:blank)
        ("browser.startup.page", Pref::new(0)),

        // Disable tab animation
        ("browser.tabs.animate", Pref::new(false)),

        // Do not warn when quitting a window with multiple tabs
        ("browser.tabs.closeWindowWithLastTab", Pref::new(false)),

        // Do not allow background tabs to be zombified, otherwise for
        // tests that open additional tabs, the test harness tab itself
        // might get unloaded
        ("browser.tabs.disableBackgroundZombification", Pref::new(false)),

        // Do not warn on exit when multiple tabs are open
        ("browser.tabs.warnOnClose", Pref::new(false)),

        // Do not warn when closing all other open tabs
        ("browser.tabs.warnOnCloseOtherTabs", Pref::new(false)),

        // Do not warn when multiple tabs will be opened
        ("browser.tabs.warnOnOpen", Pref::new(false)),

        // Disable first run splash page on Windows 10
        ("browser.usedOnWindows10.introURL", Pref::new("")),

        // Disable the UI tour
        ("browser.uitour.enabled", Pref::new(false)),

        // Do not warn on quitting Firefox
        ("browser.warnOnQuit", Pref::new(false)),

        // Do not show datareporting policy notifications which can
        // interfere with tests
        ("datareporting.healthreport.about.reportUrl", Pref::new("http://%(server)s/dummy/abouthealthreport/")),
        ("datareporting.healthreport.documentServerURI", Pref::new("http://%(server)s/dummy/healthreport/")),
        ("datareporting.healthreport.logging.consoleEnabled", Pref::new(false)),
        ("datareporting.healthreport.service.enabled", Pref::new(false)),
        ("datareporting.healthreport.service.firstRun", Pref::new(false)),
        ("datareporting.healthreport.uploadEnabled", Pref::new(false)),
        ("datareporting.policy.dataSubmissionEnabled", Pref::new(false)),
        ("datareporting.policy.dataSubmissionPolicyAccepted", Pref::new(false)),
        ("datareporting.policy.dataSubmissionPolicyBypassNotification", Pref::new(true)),

        // Disable popup-blocker
        ("dom.disable_open_during_load", Pref::new(false)),

        // Enabling the support for File object creation in the content process
        ("dom.file.createInChild", Pref::new(true)),

        // Disable the ProcessHangMonitor
        ("dom.ipc.reportProcessHangs", Pref::new(false)),

        // Disable slow script dialogues
        ("dom.max_chrome_script_run_time", Pref::new(0)),
        ("dom.max_script_run_time", Pref::new(0)),

        // Only load extensions from the application and user profile
        // AddonManager.SCOPE_PROFILE + AddonManager.SCOPE_APPLICATION
        ("extensions.autoDisableScopes", Pref::new(0)),
        ("extensions.enabledScopes", Pref::new(5)),

        // don't block add-ons for e10s
        ("extensions.e10sBlocksEnabling", Pref::new(false)),

        // Disable metadata caching for installed add-ons by default
        ("extensions.getAddons.cache.enabled", Pref::new(false)),

        // Disable intalling any distribution extensions or add-ons
        ("extensions.installDistroAddons", Pref::new(false)),

        // Make sure Shield doesn't hit the network.
        ("extensions.shield-recipe-client.api_url", Pref::new("")),

        ("extensions.showMismatchUI", Pref::new(false)),

        // Turn off extension updates so they do not bother tests
        ("extensions.update.enabled", Pref::new(false)),
        ("extensions.update.notifyUser", Pref::new(false)),

        // Make sure opening about:addons will not hit the network
        ("extensions.webservice.discoverURL", Pref::new("http://%(server)s/dummy/discoveryURL")),

        // Allow the application to have focus even it runs in the
        // background
        ("focusmanager.testmode", Pref::new(true)),

        // Disable useragent updates
        ("general.useragent.updates.enabled", Pref::new(false)),

        // Always use network provider for geolocation tests so we bypass
        // the macOS dialog raised by the corelocation provider
        ("geo.provider.testing", Pref::new(true)),

        // Do not scan wi-fi
        ("geo.wifi.scan", Pref::new(false)),

        // No hang monitor
        ("hangmonitor.timeout", Pref::new(0)),

        // Show chrome errors and warnings in the error console
        ("javascript.options.showInConsole", Pref::new(true)),

        // Make sure the disk cache does not get auto disabled
        ("network.http.bypass-cachelock-threshold", Pref::new(200000)),

        // Do not prompt with long usernames or passwords in URLs
        ("network.http.phishy-userpass-length", Pref::new(255)),

        // Do not prompt for temporary redirects
        ("network.http.prompt-temp-redirect", Pref::new(false)),

        // Disable speculative connections so they are not reported as
        // leaking when they are hanging around
        ("network.http.speculative-parallel-limit", Pref::new(0)),

        // Do not automatically switch between offline and online
        ("network.manage-offline-status", Pref::new(false)),

        // Make sure SNTP requests do not hit the network
        ("network.sntp.pools", Pref::new("%(server)s")),

        // Disable Flash.  The plugin container it is run in is
        // causing problems when quitting Firefox from geckodriver,
        // c.f. https://github.com/mozilla/geckodriver/issues/225.
        ("plugin.state.flash", Pref::new(0)),

        // Local documents have access to all other local docments,
        // including directory listings.
        ("security.fileuri.strict_origin_policy", Pref::new(false)),

        // Tests don't wait for the notification button security delay
        ("security.notification_enable_delay", Pref::new(0)),

        // Ensure blocklist updates don't hit the network
        ("services.settings.server", Pref::new("http://%(server)s/dummy/blocklist/")),

        // Do not automatically fill sign-in forms with known usernames
        // and passwords
        ("signon.autofillForms", Pref::new(false)),

        // Disable password capture, so that tests that include forms
        // are not influenced by the presence of the persistent doorhanger
        // notification
        ("signon.rememberSignons", Pref::new(false)),

        // Disable first run pages
        ("startup.homepage_welcome_url", Pref::new("about:blank")),
        ("startup.homepage_welcome_url.additional", Pref::new("")),

        // Prevent starting into safe mode after application crashes
        ("toolkit.startup.max_resumed_crashes", Pref::new(-1)),

        // We want to collect telemetry, but we don't want to send in the results
        ("toolkit.telemetry.server", Pref::new("https://%(server)s/dummy/telemetry/")),