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Bug 1349651 - stylo: Implement HasAuthorSpecifiedRules. r=bholley MozReview-Commit-ID: 8ta5KqKzncZ

# Tests using placeholder-focus-ref.html as a reference are disabled because
# we can't change the caret colour nor disable it and we can't change the
# text colour without changing the caret which means that the tested page has
# a black caret with a grey text and the reference has a grey caret with grey
# text. The only thing that is doable is to make the caret grey in the tested
# page but that would make the test moot because a failure wouldn't be seen.
# A real way to fix this would be to be able to style the caret or to implement
# ::value (bug 648643), depending of the ::value behaviour (it could change the
# caret colour and the text colour or just the text colour).

== placeholder-1-text.html placeholder-visible-ref.html
== placeholder-1-password.html placeholder-visible-ref.html
fails-if(stylo) == placeholder-1-textarea.html placeholder-visible-textarea-ref.html
fails-if(stylo) == placeholder-2.html placeholder-visible-ref.html
fails-if(stylo) == placeholder-2-textarea.html placeholder-visible-textarea-ref.html
== placeholder-3.html placeholder-overridden-ref.html
== placeholder-4.html placeholder-overridden-ref.html
== placeholder-5.html placeholder-visible-ref.html
fuzzy-if(winWidget,160,10) fuzzy-if(Android,1,1) fuzzy-if(asyncPan&&!layersGPUAccelerated,146,317) fuzzy-if(OSX==1010&&browserIsRemote,1,8) fails-if(stylo) == placeholder-6.html placeholder-overflow-ref.html
skip-if(Android&&asyncPan) fails-if(stylo) == placeholder-6-textarea.html placeholder-overflow-textarea-ref.html
# needs-focus == placeholder-7.html placeholder-focus-ref.html
# needs-focus == placeholder-8.html placeholder-focus-ref.html
# needs-focus == placeholder-9.html placeholder-focus-ref.html
needs-focus fails-if(stylo) == placeholder-10.html placeholder-visible-ref.html
== placeholder-11.html placeholder-visible-ref.html
== placeholder-12.html placeholder-visible-ref.html
fails-if(stylo) == placeholder-13.html placeholder-visible-ref.html
fails-if(stylo) == placeholder-14.html placeholder-visible-ref.html
== placeholder-18.html placeholder-overridden-ref.html
random-if(winWidget) == placeholder-19.xul  placeholder-overridden-ref.xul
# needs-focus == placeholder-20.html placeholder-focus-ref.html
needs-focus fails-if(stylo) == placeholder-21.html placeholder-blank-ref.html
needs-focus fails-if(stylo) == placeholder-22.html placeholder-blank-ref.html
fails-if(stylo) == placeholder-rtl.html placeholder-rtl-ref.html
pref(dom.placeholder.show_on_focus,false) needs-focus == placeholder-focus-pref.html placeholder-blank-ref.html