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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIHelperAppLauncher;
interface nsILocalFile;

 * This interface is used to display a confirmatino dialog before
 * launching a "helper app" to handle content not handled by
 * Mozilla.
 * Usage:  Clients (of which there is one: the nsIExternalHelperAppService
 * implementation in mozilla/uriloader/exthandler) create an instance of
 * this interface (using the contract ID) and then call the show() method.
 * The dialog is shown non-modally.  The implementation of the dialog
 * will access methods of the nsIHelperAppLauncher passed in to show()
 * in order to cause a "save to disk" or "open using" action.
[scriptable, uuid(64355793-988d-40a5-ba8e-fcde78cac631)]
interface nsIHelperAppLauncherDialog : nsISupports {
   * This request is passed to the helper app dialog because Gecko can not
   * handle content of this type.
  const unsigned long REASON_CANTHANDLE = 0;

   * The server requested external handling.
  const unsigned long REASON_SERVERREQUEST = 1;

   * Gecko detected that the type sent by the server (e.g. text/plain) does
   * not match the actual type.
  const unsigned long REASON_TYPESNIFFED = 2;

  // Show confirmation dialog for launching application (or "save to
  // disk") for content specified by aLauncher.
  // aReason is one of the constants from above. It indicates why the dialog is
  // shown.
  // Implementors should treat unknown reasons like REASON_CANTHANDLE.
  void show(in nsIHelperAppLauncher aLauncher,
            in nsISupports aContext,
            in unsigned long aReason);
	// invoke a save to file dialog instead of the full fledged helper app dialog.
	// aDefaultFileName --> default file name to provide (can be null)
	// aSuggestedFileExtension --> sugested file extension
	// aFileLocation --> return value for the file location
  nsILocalFile promptForSaveToFile(in nsIHelperAppLauncher aLauncher, 
                                   in nsISupports aWindowContext, 
                                   in wstring aDefaultFile, 
                                   in wstring aSuggestedFileExtension);

#define NS_IHELPERAPPLAUNCHERDLG_CONTRACTID    "@mozilla.org/helperapplauncherdialog;1"
#define NS_IHELPERAPPLAUNCHERDLG_CLASSNAME "Mozilla Helper App Launcher Confirmation Dialog"