author Gregory Szorc <gps@mozilla.com>
Thu, 19 Feb 2015 10:58:41 -0800
changeset 245738 c97c977c92b97c9585011651b13a088f0cd4ed4f
parent 202279 87ac83b75957344a0e97a4b6f41da4fd642b48e0
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Bug 1132771 - moz.build fixups to enable execution in no config mode Various moz.build files fail to execute when a build config is not present. Many of these are due to assuming certain CONFIG entries are present. This patch attempts to fix that and enable every moz.build to be read without a build config.

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<vbox xmlns="http://www.mozilla.org/keymaster/gatekeeper/there.is.only.xul">
  <setting pref="extensions.@ADDON_ID@.gaiaProfile" type="directory" title="Select a custom Gaia profile directory"/>
  <setting pref="extensions.@ADDON_ID@.customRuntime" type="file" title="Select a custom runtime executable"/>