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Bug 1434565 - Put some meanigful timestamp to nsRemoteService::HandleCommandLine(), r?jhorak We need to put a timestamp to nsRemoteService::HandleCommandLine() to allow Gtk+ focus opened Firefox window. Unfortunately we don't have much choice how to get the timestamp at DBUS remote service so ask for gtk_get_current_event_time() and when GDK_CURRENT_TIME is returned (it means we don't have the timestamp) use g_get_monotonic_time() as well as at nsWindow::GetEventTimeStamp(). MozReview-Commit-ID: 9ilVZ0kPe3x

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

 * The display type of nsIScreen belongs to.
enum class DisplayType: int32_t {
  DISPLAY_PRIMARY,  // primary screen
  DISPLAY_EXTERNAL, // wired displays, such as HDMI, DisplayPort, etc.
  DISPLAY_VIRTUAL   // wireless displays, such as Chromecast, WiFi-Display, etc.

[scriptable, uuid(826e80c8-d70f-42e2-8aa9-82c05f2a370a)]
interface nsIScreen : nsISupports
   * These report screen dimensions in (screen-specific) device pixels
  void GetRect(out long left, out long top, out long width, out long height);
  void GetAvailRect(out long left, out long top, out long width, out long height);

   * And these report in desktop pixels
  void GetRectDisplayPix(out long left, out long top, out long width, out long height);
  void GetAvailRectDisplayPix(out long left, out long top, out long width, out long height);

  readonly attribute long pixelDepth;
  readonly attribute long colorDepth;

   * The number of device pixels per desktop pixel for this screen (for
   * hidpi configurations where there may be multiple device pixels per
   * desktop px and/or per CSS px).
   * This seems poorly named (something like devicePixelsPerDesktopPixel
   * would be more accurate/explicit), but given that it is exposed to
   * front-end code and may also be used by add-ons, it's probably not
   * worth the disruption of changing it.
   * Returns 1.0 if HiDPI mode is disabled or unsupported, or if the
   * host OS uses device pixels as its desktop pixel units (e.g. Windows 7 or
   * GTK/X11). Per-monitor DPI is available in Windows 8.1+, GTK/Wayland or
   * macOS.
  readonly attribute double contentsScaleFactor;

   * The default number of device pixels per unscaled CSS pixel for this
   * screen. This is probably what contentsScaleFactor originally meant
   * to be, prior to confusion between CSS pixels and desktop pixel units.
  readonly attribute double defaultCSSScaleFactor;

   * The DPI of the screen.
  readonly attribute float dpi;