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Bug 1302702 - Make WebExtension Addon Debugging oop-compatible. This patch applies all the changes needed to the devtools actors and the toolbox-process-window, to be able to debug a webextension running in an extension child process (as well as a webextension running in the main process). The devtools actor used to debug a webextension is splitted into 3 actors: - the WebExtensionActor is the actor that is created when the "root.listTabs" RDP request is received, it provides the addon metadata (name, icon and addon id) and two RDP methods: - reload: used to reload the addon (e.g. from the "about:debugging#addons" page) - connectAddonDebuggingActor: which provides the actorID of the actor that is connected to the process where the extension is running (used by toolbox-process-window.js to connect the toolbox to the needed devtools actors, e.g. console, inspector etc.) - the WebExtensionParentActor is the actor that connects to the process where the extension is running and ensures that a WebExtensionChildActor instance is created and connected (this actor is only the entrypoint to reach the WebExtensionChildActor, and so it does not provide any RDP request on its own, it only connect itself to its child counterpart and then it returns the RDP "form" of the child actor, and the client is then connected directly to the child actor) - the WebExtensionChildActor is the actor that is running in the same process of the target extension, and it provides the same requestTypes of a tab actor. By splitting the WebExtensionActor from the WebExtensionParentActor, we are able to prevent the RemoteDebuggingServer to connect (and create instances of the WebExtensionChildActor) for every addon listed by a root.listAddons() request. MozReview-Commit-ID: L1vxhA6xQkD

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