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Bug 1274466 - per discussion move some functions back to public. r?jya. MozReview-Commit-ID: BoTB5IKjuDD

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#ifndef mozilla_AppleVTDecoder_h
#define mozilla_AppleVTDecoder_h

#include "AppleVDADecoder.h"

#include "VideoToolbox/VideoToolbox.h"

namespace mozilla {

class AppleVTDecoder : public AppleVDADecoder {
  AppleVTDecoder(const VideoInfo& aConfig,
                 TaskQueue* aTaskQueue,
                 MediaDataDecoderCallback* aCallback,
                 layers::ImageContainer* aImageContainer);

  RefPtr<InitPromise> Init() override;
  bool IsHardwareAccelerated(nsACString& aFailureReason) const override
    return mIsHardwareAccelerated;

  const char* GetDescriptionName() const override
    return mIsHardwareAccelerated
      ? "apple hardware VT decoder"
      : "apple software VT decoder";

  virtual ~AppleVTDecoder();
  void ProcessFlush() override;
  void ProcessDrain() override;
  void ProcessShutdown() override;

  CMVideoFormatDescriptionRef mFormat;
  VTDecompressionSessionRef mSession;

  // Method to pass a frame to VideoToolbox for decoding.
  nsresult DoDecode(MediaRawData* aSample) override;
  // Method to set up the decompression session.
  nsresult InitializeSession();
  nsresult WaitForAsynchronousFrames();
  CFDictionaryRef CreateDecoderSpecification();
  CFDictionaryRef CreateDecoderExtensions();
  Atomic<bool> mIsHardwareAccelerated;

} // namespace mozilla

#endif // mozilla_AppleVTDecoder_h