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Bug 1152551, part 2 - Fix mode lines in dom/. r=jst

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#ifndef mozilla_dom_bluetooth_BluetoothSocket_h
#define mozilla_dom_bluetooth_BluetoothSocket_h

#include "BluetoothCommon.h"
#include "mozilla/ipc/DataSocket.h"


class BluetoothSocketObserver;
class BluetoothSocketResultHandler;
class DroidSocketImpl;

class BluetoothSocket final : public mozilla::ipc::DataSocket
  BluetoothSocket(BluetoothSocketObserver* aObserver,
                  BluetoothSocketType aType,
                  bool aAuth,
                  bool aEncrypt);

  bool ConnectSocket(const nsAString& aDeviceAddress,
                     const BluetoothUuid& aServiceUuid,
                     int aChannel);

  bool ListenSocket(const nsAString& aServiceName,
                    const BluetoothUuid& aServiceUuid,
                    int aChannel);

   * Method to be called whenever data is received. This is only called on the
   * main thread.
   * @param aBuffer Data received from the socket.
  void ReceiveSocketData(nsAutoPtr<mozilla::ipc::UnixSocketBuffer>& aBuffer);

  inline void GetAddress(nsAString& aDeviceAddress)
    aDeviceAddress = mDeviceAddress;

  inline void SetAddress(const nsAString& aDeviceAddress)
    mDeviceAddress = aDeviceAddress;

  inline void SetCurrentResultHandler(BluetoothSocketResultHandler* aRes)
    mCurrentRes = aRes;

  // Methods for |DataSocket|

  void SendSocketData(mozilla::ipc::UnixSocketIOBuffer* aBuffer) override;

  // Methods for |SocketBase|

  void CloseSocket() override;

  void OnConnectSuccess() override;
  void OnConnectError() override;
  void OnDisconnect() override;

  BluetoothSocketObserver* mObserver;
  BluetoothSocketResultHandler* mCurrentRes;
  DroidSocketImpl* mImpl;
  nsString mDeviceAddress;
  bool mAuth;
  bool mEncrypt;