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Bug 1152551, part 2 - Fix mode lines in dom/. r=jst

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 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this file,
 * You can obtain one at */

#ifndef mozilla_dom_bluetooth_bluetootha2dpmanager_h__
#define mozilla_dom_bluetooth_bluetootha2dpmanager_h__

#include "BluetoothCommon.h"
#include "BluetoothInterface.h"
#include "BluetoothProfileController.h"
#include "BluetoothProfileManagerBase.h"

class BluetoothA2dpManager : public BluetoothProfileManagerBase
                           , public BluetoothA2dpNotificationHandler
                           , public BluetoothAvrcpNotificationHandler
  virtual void GetName(nsACString& aName)

  enum SinkState {

  static BluetoothA2dpManager* Get();
  static void InitA2dpInterface(BluetoothProfileResultHandler* aRes);
  static void DeinitA2dpInterface(BluetoothProfileResultHandler* aRes);

  void OnConnectError();
  void OnDisconnectError();

  // A2DP-specific functions
  void HandleSinkPropertyChanged(const BluetoothSignal& aSignal);

  // AVRCP-specific functions
  void SetAvrcpConnected(bool aConnected);
  bool IsAvrcpConnected();
  void UpdateMetaData(const nsAString& aTitle,
                      const nsAString& aArtist,
                      const nsAString& aAlbum,
                      uint64_t aMediaNumber,
                      uint64_t aTotalMediaCount,
                      uint32_t aDuration);
  void UpdatePlayStatus(uint32_t aDuration,
                        uint32_t aPosition,
                        ControlPlayStatus aPlayStatus);
  void UpdateRegisterNotification(BluetoothAvrcpEvent aEvent, uint32_t aParam);
  void GetAlbum(nsAString& aAlbum);
  uint32_t GetDuration();
  ControlPlayStatus GetPlayStatus();
  uint32_t GetPosition();
  uint64_t GetMediaNumber();
  uint64_t GetTotalMediaNumber();
  void GetTitle(nsAString& aTitle);
  void GetArtist(nsAString& aArtist);

  virtual ~BluetoothA2dpManager();

  class CleanupA2dpResultHandler;
  class CleanupA2dpResultHandlerRunnable;
  class CleanupAvrcpResultHandler;
  class ConnectResultHandler;
  class DisconnectResultHandler;
  class InitA2dpResultHandler;
  class InitAvrcpResultHandler;
  class OnErrorProfileResultHandlerRunnable;

  void ResetA2dp();
  void ResetAvrcp();

  void HandleShutdown();
  void NotifyConnectionStatusChanged();

  void ConnectionStateNotification(BluetoothA2dpConnectionState aState,
                                   const nsAString& aBdAddr) override;
  void AudioStateNotification(BluetoothA2dpAudioState aState,
                              const nsAString& aBdAddr) override;

  void GetPlayStatusNotification() override;

  void ListPlayerAppAttrNotification() override;

  void ListPlayerAppValuesNotification(
    BluetoothAvrcpPlayerAttribute aAttrId) override;

  void GetPlayerAppValueNotification(
    uint8_t aNumAttrs,
    const BluetoothAvrcpPlayerAttribute* aAttrs) override;

  void GetPlayerAppAttrsTextNotification(
    uint8_t aNumAttrs,
    const BluetoothAvrcpPlayerAttribute* aAttrs) override;

  void GetPlayerAppValuesTextNotification(
    uint8_t aAttrId, uint8_t aNumVals, const uint8_t* aValues) override;

  void SetPlayerAppValueNotification(
    const BluetoothAvrcpPlayerSettings& aSettings) override;

  void GetElementAttrNotification(
    uint8_t aNumAttrs,
    const BluetoothAvrcpMediaAttribute* aAttrs) override;

  void RegisterNotificationNotification(
    BluetoothAvrcpEvent aEvent, uint32_t aParam) override;

  void RemoteFeatureNotification(
    const nsAString& aBdAddr, unsigned long aFeatures) override;

  void VolumeChangeNotification(uint8_t aVolume, uint8_t aCType) override;

  void PassthroughCmdNotification(int aId, int aKeyState) override;

  nsString mDeviceAddress;
  nsRefPtr<BluetoothProfileController> mController;

  // A2DP data member
  bool mA2dpConnected;
  SinkState mSinkState;

  // AVRCP data member
  bool mAvrcpConnected;
  nsString mAlbum;
  nsString mArtist;
  nsString mTitle;
  uint32_t mDuration;
  uint64_t mMediaNumber;
  uint64_t mTotalMediaCount;
  uint32_t mPosition;
   * mPlaybackInterval specifies the time interval (in seconds) at which
   * the change in playback position will be notified. If the song is being
   * forwarded / rewound, a notification will be received whenever the playback
   * position will change by this value.
  uint32_t mPlaybackInterval;
  ControlPlayStatus mPlayStatus;
   * Notification types: 1. INTERIM 2. CHANGED
   * 1. The initial response to this Notify command shall be an INTERIM
   * response with current status.
   * 2. The following response shall be a CHANGED response with the updated
   * status.
   * mPlayStatusChangedNotifType, mTrackChangedNotifType,
   * mPlayPosChangedNotifType represents current RegisterNotification
   * notification type.
  BluetoothAvrcpNotification mPlayStatusChangedNotifyType;
  BluetoothAvrcpNotification mTrackChangedNotifyType;
  BluetoothAvrcpNotification mPlayPosChangedNotifyType;
  BluetoothAvrcpNotification mAppSettingsChangedNotifyType;