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Bug 1152551, part 2 - Fix mode lines in dom/. r=jst

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#ifndef mozilla_dom_Exceptions_h__
#define mozilla_dom_Exceptions_h__

// DOM exception throwing machinery (for both main thread and workers).

#include <stdint.h>
#include "jspubtd.h"
#include "nsIException.h"

class nsIStackFrame;
class nsPIDOMWindow;
template <class T>
struct already_AddRefed;

namespace mozilla {
namespace dom {

class Exception;

Throw(JSContext* cx, nsresult rv, const char* sz = nullptr);

// Create, throw and report an exception to a given window.
ThrowAndReport(nsPIDOMWindow* aWindow, nsresult aRv,
               const char* aMessage = nullptr);

ThrowExceptionObject(JSContext* aCx, Exception* aException);

ThrowExceptionObject(JSContext* aCx, nsIException* aException);

// Create an exception object for the given nsresult and message but
// don't set it pending on aCx.  This never returns null.
CreateException(JSContext* aCx, nsresult aRv, const char* aMessage = nullptr);


// Throwing a TypeError on an ErrorResult may result in SpiderMonkey using its
// own error reporting mechanism instead of just setting the exception on the
// context.  This happens if no script is running. Bug 1107777 adds a flag that
// forcibly turns this behaviour off. This is a stack helper to set the flag.
class MOZ_STACK_CLASS AutoForceSetExceptionOnContext {
  JSContext* mCx;
  bool mOldValue;
  explicit AutoForceSetExceptionOnContext(JSContext* aCx);

// Internal stuff not intended to be widely used.
namespace exceptions {

// aMaxDepth can be used to define a maximal depth for the stack trace. If the
// value is -1, a default maximal depth will be selected.
CreateStack(JSContext* aCx, int32_t aMaxDepth = -1);

} // namespace exceptions
} // namespace dom
} // namespace mozilla