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# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/.
Transform the signing task into an actual task description.

from __future__ import absolute_import, print_function, unicode_literals

from taskgraph.transforms.base import TransformSequence
from taskgraph.util.attributes import copy_attributes_from_dependent_job
from taskgraph.util.schema import validate_schema, Schema
from taskgraph.util.scriptworker import get_signing_cert_scope_per_platform
from taskgraph.transforms.task import task_description_schema
from voluptuous import Any, Required, Optional

# Voluptuous uses marker objects as dictionary *keys*, but they are not
# comparable, so we cast all of the keys back to regular strings
task_description_schema = {str(k): v for k, v in task_description_schema.schema.iteritems()}

transforms = TransformSequence()

# shortcut for a string where task references are allowed
taskref_or_string = Any(
    {Required('task-reference'): basestring})

signing_description_schema = Schema({
    # the dependant task (object) for this signing job, used to inform signing.
    Required('dependent-task'): object,

    # Artifacts from dep task to sign - Sync with taskgraph/transforms/task.py
    # because this is passed directly into the signingscript worker
    Required('upstream-artifacts'): [{
        # taskId of the task with the artifact
        Required('taskId'): taskref_or_string,

        # type of signing task (for CoT)
        Required('taskType'): basestring,

        # Paths to the artifacts to sign
        Required('paths'): [basestring],

        # Signing formats to use on each of the paths
        Required('formats'): [basestring],

    # depname is used in taskref's to identify the taskID of the unsigned things
    Required('depname', default='build'): basestring,

    # unique label to describe this signing task, defaults to {dep.label}-signing
    Optional('label'): basestring,

    # treeherder is allowed here to override any defaults we use for signing.  See
    # taskcluster/taskgraph/transforms/task.py for the schema details, and the
    # below transforms for defaults of various values.
    Optional('treeherder'): task_description_schema['treeherder'],

    # Routes specific to this task, if defined
    Optional('routes'): [basestring],

def validate(config, jobs):
    for job in jobs:
        label = job.get('dependent-task', object).__dict__.get('label', '?no-label?')
        yield validate_schema(
            signing_description_schema, job,
            "In signing ({!r} kind) task for {!r}:".format(config.kind, label))

def make_task_description(config, jobs):
    for job in jobs:
        dep_job = job['dependent-task']

        signing_format_scopes = []
        formats = set([])
        for artifacts in job['upstream-artifacts']:
            for f in artifacts['formats']:
                formats.add(f)  # Add each format only once
        for format in formats:

        treeherder = job.get('treeherder', {})
        is_nightly = dep_job.attributes.get('nightly', False)
        treeherder.setdefault('symbol', _generate_treeherder_symbol(is_nightly))

        dep_th_platform = dep_job.task.get('extra', {}).get(
            'treeherder', {}).get('machine', {}).get('platform', '')
        build_type = dep_job.attributes.get('build_type')
        build_platform = dep_job.attributes.get('build_platform')
        treeherder.setdefault('platform', _generate_treeherder_platform(
            dep_th_platform, build_platform, build_type

        treeherder.setdefault('tier', 1)
        treeherder.setdefault('kind', 'build')

        label = job.get('label', "{}-signing".format(dep_job.label))

        attributes = copy_attributes_from_dependent_job(dep_job)
        attributes['signed'] = True

        if dep_job.attributes.get('chunk_locales'):
            # Used for l10n attribute passthrough
            attributes['chunk_locales'] = dep_job.attributes.get('chunk_locales')

        signing_cert_scope = get_signing_cert_scope_per_platform(
            dep_job.attributes.get('build_platform'), is_nightly, config

        task = {
            'label': label,
            'description': "{} Signing".format(
            'worker-type': _generate_worker_type(signing_cert_scope),
            'worker': {'implementation': 'scriptworker-signing',
                       'upstream-artifacts': job['upstream-artifacts'],
                       'max-run-time': 3600},
            'scopes': [signing_cert_scope] + signing_format_scopes,
            'dependencies': {job['depname']: dep_job.label},
            'attributes': attributes,
            'run-on-projects': dep_job.attributes.get('run_on_projects'),
            'treeherder': treeherder,
            'routes': job.get('routes', []),

        if 'linux' in dep_job.attributes.get('build_platform') and \
                project=config.params['project'], level=config.params['level']))

        yield task

def _generate_treeherder_platform(dep_th_platform, build_platform, build_type):
    actual_build_type = 'pgo' if '-pgo' in build_platform else build_type
    return '{}/{}'.format(dep_th_platform, actual_build_type)

def _generate_treeherder_symbol(is_nightly):
    return 'tc(Ns)' if is_nightly else 'tc(Bs)'

def _generate_worker_type(signing_cert_scope):
    worker_type = 'depsigning' if 'dep-signing' in signing_cert_scope else 'signing-linux-v1'
    return 'scriptworker-prov-v1/{}'.format(worker_type)