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#include "nsISupports.idl"

 * This interface may be used to determine if a channel is a FTP channel.
[scriptable, uuid(07f0d5cd-1fd5-4aa3-b6fc-665bdc5dbf9f)]
interface nsIFTPChannel : nsISupports
    attribute PRTime lastModifiedTime;

 * This interface may be defined as a notification callback on the FTP
 * channel.  It allows a consumer to receive a log of the FTP control
 * connection conversation.
[scriptable, uuid(455d4234-0330-43d2-bbfb-99afbecbfeb0)]
interface nsIFTPEventSink : nsISupports
     * XXX document this method!  (see bug 328915)
    void OnFTPControlLog(in boolean server, in string msg);