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#include "nsISupports.idl"

[ptr] native PRFileDescStar(struct PRFileDesc);

 * nsISocketProvider
[scriptable, uuid(00b3df92-e830-11d8-d48e-0004e22243f8)]
interface nsISocketProvider : nsISupports
     * newSocket
     * @param aFamily
     *        The address family for this socket (PR_AF_INET or PR_AF_INET6).
     * @param aHost
     *        The hostname for this connection.
     * @param aPort
     *        The port for this connection.
     * @param aProxyHost
     *        If non-null, the proxy hostname for this connection.
     * @param aProxyPort
     *        The proxy port for this connection.
     * @param aFlags
     *        Control flags that govern this connection (see below.)
     * @param aFileDesc
     *        The resulting PRFileDesc.
     * @param aSecurityInfo
     *        Any security info that should be associated with aFileDesc.  This
     *        object typically implements nsITransportSecurityInfo.
    void newSocket(in long            aFamily,
                   in string          aHost, 
                   in long            aPort,
                   in string          aProxyHost,
                   in long            aProxyPort,
                   in unsigned long   aFlags,
                   out PRFileDescStar aFileDesc, 
                   out nsISupports    aSecurityInfo);

     * addToSocket
     * This function is called to allow the socket provider to layer a
     * PRFileDesc on top of another PRFileDesc.  For example, SSL via a SOCKS
     * proxy.
     * Parameters are the same as newSocket with the exception of aFileDesc,
     * which is an in-param instead.
    void addToSocket(in long           aFamily,
                     in string         aHost, 
                     in long           aPort,
                     in string         aProxyHost,
                     in long           aProxyPort,
                     in unsigned long  aFlags,
                     in PRFileDescStar aFileDesc, 
                     out nsISupports   aSecurityInfo);

     * This flag is set if the proxy is to perform hostname resolution instead
     * of the client.  When set, the hostname parameter passed when in this
     * interface will be used instead of the address structure passed for a
     * later connect et al. request.
    const long PROXY_RESOLVES_HOST = 1 << 0;
     * When setting this flag, the socket will not apply any
     * credentials when establishing a connection. For example,
     * an SSL connection would not send any client-certificates
     * if this flag is set.
    const long ANONYMOUS_CONNECT = 1 << 1;

 * nsISocketProvider implementations should be registered with XPCOM under a
 * contract ID of the form: ";2?type=foo"