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bug 1228175 - fix IsCertBuiltInRoot r?Cykesiopka r?mgoodwin When a built-in root certificate has its trust changed from the default value, the platform has to essentially create a copy of it in the read/write certificate database with the new trust settings. At that point, the desired behavior is that the platform still considers that certificate a built-in root. Before this patch, this would indeed happen for the duration of that run of the platform, but as soon as it restarted, the certificate in question would only appear to be from the read/write database, and thus was not considered a built-in root. This patch changes the test of built-in-ness to explicitly search the built-in certificate slot for the certificate in question. If found, it is considered a built-in root. MozReview-Commit-ID: HCtZpPQVEGZ

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