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#ifndef _zipfile_h
#define _zipfile_h
 * This module implements a simple archive extractor for the PKZIP format.
 * All functions return a status/error code, and have an opaque hZip argument 
 * that represents an open archive.
 * Currently only compression mode 8 (or none) is supported.


#define ZIP_OK                 0
#define ZIP_ERR_GENERAL       -1
#define ZIP_ERR_MEMORY        -2
#define ZIP_ERR_DISK          -3
#define ZIP_ERR_CORRUPT       -4
#define ZIP_ERR_PARAM         -5
#define ZIP_ERR_FNF           -6
#define ZIP_ERR_SMALLBUF      -8


/* Open and close the archive 
 * If successful OpenArchive returns a handle in the hZip parameter
 * that must be passed to all subsequent operations on the archive
PR_EXTERN(PRInt32) ZIP_OpenArchive( const char * zipname, void** hZip );
PR_EXTERN(PRInt32) ZIP_CloseArchive( void** hZip );

/* Test the integrity of every item in this open archive
 * by verifying each item's checksum against the stored
 * CRC32 value.
PR_EXTERN(PRInt32) ZIP_TestArchive( void* hZip );

/* Extract the named file in the archive to disk. 
 * This function will happily overwrite an existing Outfile if it can.
 * It's up to the caller to detect or move it out of the way if it's important.
PR_EXTERN(PRInt32) ZIP_ExtractFile( void* hZip, const char * filename, const char * outname );

/* Functions to list the files contained in the archive
 * FindInit() initializes the search with the pattern and returns a find token, 
 * or NULL on an error.  Then FindNext() is called with the token to get the 
 * matching filenames if any. When done you must call FindFree() with the 
 * token to release memory.
 * a NULL pattern will find all the files in the archive, otherwise the 
 * pattern must be a shell regexp type pattern.
 * if a matching filename is too small for the passed buffer FindNext()
 * will return ZIP_ERR_SMALLBUF. When no more matches can be found in
 * the archive it will return ZIP_ERR_FNF
PR_EXTERN(void*) ZIP_FindInit( void* hZip, const char * pattern );
PR_EXTERN(PRInt32) ZIP_FindNext( void* hFind, char * outbuf, PRUint16 bufsize );
PR_EXTERN(PRInt32) ZIP_FindFree( void* hFind );



#define ZIP_OK                  NS_OK

#endif /* STANDALONE */

#endif /* _zipfile_h */