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Bug 1264533 - Correct the universal selector for summary to include all namespaces. MozReview-Commit-ID: 7jtNayMA1CY

<!DOCTYPE html>
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   - -->

      <li>First item
              <li>First unordered item in summary</li>
              <li>Second unordered item in summary</li>
                <li>First item in summary</li>
                <li>Second item in summary</li>
              <foreignObject width="300" height="300">
                  <li>First item in foreignObject</li>
                  <li>Second item in foreignObject</li>
          <p>This is the details.</p>
          <li>First item in details</li>
          <li>Second item in details</li>
      <li>Second item</li>