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Bug 908795 - Add a wait for test in testClearPrivateData to the history list check to give time to the database operations to happen. r=mleibovic

#filter substitution
package @ANDROID_PACKAGE_NAME@.tests;

import java.util.ArrayList;

public class testClearPrivateData extends AboutHomeTest {
    private final String BLANK1_TITLE = "Browser Blank Page 01";
    private final String BLANK2_TITLE = "Browser Blank Page 02";
    private final int TEST_WAIT_MS = 10000;

    protected int getTestType() {
        return TEST_MOCHITEST;

    public void testClearPrivateData() {

    private void clearHistory() {
        // Loading a page and adding a second one as bookmark to have user made bookmarks and history
        String blank1 = getAbsoluteUrl("/robocop/robocop_blank_01.html");
        String blank2 = getAbsoluteUrl("/robocop/robocop_blank_02.html");


        addOrUpdateMobileBookmark(BLANK2_TITLE, blank2);

        // Checking that the history list is not empty

        // Checking that history list is empty

        // Checking that the user made bookmark is not removed
        mAsserter.ok(isBookmark(blank2), "Checking that bookmarks have not been removed", "User made bookmarks were not removed with private data");

    private void verifyHistoryCount(final int expectedCount) {
        boolean match = waitForTest( new BooleanTest() {
            public boolean test() {
                return (getBrowserDBUrls(BrowserDataType.HISTORY).size() == expectedCount);
        }, TEST_WAIT_MS);
        mAsserter.ok(match, "Checking that the number of history items is correct", String.valueOf(expectedCount) + " history items present in the database");