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DEPTH		= ../..
topsrcdir	= @top_srcdir@
srcdir	= @srcdir@
VPATH		= @srcdir@

include $(DEPTH)/config/

MODULE		= accessibility
LIBRARY_NAME	= accessibility
MODULE_NAME	= nsAccessibilityModule

CPPSRCS		= nsAccessibilityFactory.cpp

LOCAL_INCLUDES	= -I$(srcdir)/../src

  ../src/base/$(LIB_PREFIX)accessibility_base_s.$(LIB_SUFFIX) \
  ../src/generic/$(LIB_PREFIX)accessibility_generic_s.$(LIB_SUFFIX) \
  ../src/html/$(LIB_PREFIX)accessibility_html_s.$(LIB_SUFFIX) \
  ../src/xpcom/$(LIB_PREFIX)accessibility_xpcom_s.$(LIB_SUFFIX) \
  ../src/$(LIB_PREFIX)accessibility_toolkit_s.$(LIB_SUFFIX) \
  ../src/xforms/$(LIB_PREFIX)accessibility_xforms_s.$(LIB_SUFFIX) \

ifdef MOZ_XUL
SHARED_LIBRARY_LIBS += ../src/xul/$(LIB_PREFIX)accessibility_xul_s.$(LIB_SUFFIX)

include $(topsrcdir)/config/