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deploy: implement deploy driver Ansible commands take just enough arguments that typing them all in is annoying. Let's provide a driver script for automating common deployment tasks.

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Mozilla's Version Control Tools

Welcome to Mozilla's version control tools repository! Inside, you will
find all kind of code to support the development of code at Mozilla.

This repository contains the code that Mozilla uses in production to
power ` <>`_,
` <>`_, and other
sites and services.

The canonical repository is


The primary goal of this repository and the code therein is to enable
Mozillians to move faster and to be more productive, all while
maximizing the quality of work being performed.

We help achieve that goal by providing robust tools that allow
developers to spend more time using their brains instead of wrangling
with tools, particulary in the area of version control and code

This repository aims to provide high-quality software that has a low
barrier to change. We achieve this by having comprehensive,
easy-to-write and run tests. Robust testing gives us the confidence
that we can move fast without breaking things. Doing so allows us to
serve the needs of Mozilla better and faster.

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