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Bug 593268 - Part 1: Expose LayerManager::CreateOptimalSurface. r=vlad sr=roc

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#include "nsISupports.idl"
#include "nspluginroot.idl"

#include "npapi.h"


interface nsIPluginInstance;

interface nsIPlugin : nsISupports
   * Creates a new plugin instance, based on a MIME type. This
   * allows different impelementations to be created depending on
   * the specified MIME type.
  void createPluginInstance(out nsIPluginInstance aResult);

   * Called when the browser is done with the plugin factory, or when
   * the plugin is disabled by the user.
   * (Corresponds to NPP_Shutdown.)
   * @result - NS_OK if this operation was successful
  void shutdown();