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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIDOMWindow;
interface nsIXPIProgressDialog;
interface nsIObserver;

 * A service provided by embedding applications to override
 * the default XUL implmementation of XPInstall dialogs.
 * Embedding applications which wish to override the default
 * XUL dialogs need to create a component which implements
 * this interface and registers with the Contract ID
 * "@mozilla.org/embedui/xpinstall-dialog-service;1"
 * @status UNDER_REVIEW
[scriptable, uuid(8cdd8baa-1dd2-11b2-909a-f0178da5c5ff)]
interface nsIXPIDialogService : nsISupports
     * @brief  Ask the user if it's OK to install
     * When called the XPIDialogService implementation should pose an
     * install confirmation dialog and return the user's response
     * @param parent        a window that can be used to parent the modal dialog
     * @param packageList   For each install package there will be three strings,
     *                      a display name, a source URL, and a the name of the
     *                      organization that signed this install.  Note that the
     *                      name of the signer is not verified.  Verification
     *                      happens when the the install has completely downloaded.
     *                      Your user interface should only suggest that the 
     *                      install may be signed by this organization name.
     *                      Note that an unsigned archive is indicated by an 
     *                      empty string.   
     * @param count         The number of strings in the packageList. This
     *                      will always be three times the number of 
     *                      packages.
     * @return true to install, false to cancel
    boolean confirmInstall(in nsIDOMWindow parent,
                           [array, size_is(count)] in wstring packageList,
                           in unsigned long count);

     * @brief Create and open a download-and-install progress dialog
     * When called the XPIDialogService implementation creates and opens
     * a dialog to display the status of the install. When the dialog
     * is ready to be used then the observer must be called: the subject
     * is an nsIXPIProgressDialog that nsXPInstallManager can use to control
     * the dialog, the topic is "xpinstall-progress"  and the data is "open".
     * If the user wishes to cancel the download, the dialog can call the
     * observe method with the same subject and topic and the data "cancel".
     * @note Unless this routine throws an exception the observer <b>must</b>
     * be called or nsXPInstallManager will wait forever and never clean
     * itself up.
     * @param packageList   three strings per package as in confirmInstall()
     * @param count         the number of strings in the list
     * @param observer      nsIObserver to receive messages from the dialog
    void openProgressDialog([array, size_is(count)] in wstring packageList,
                            in unsigned long count,
                            in nsIObserver observer);