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misc: mass replace with I just got an email telling me RTD is now serving from instead of They are redirecting the latter to the former. So we might as well update the URLs. While I was here, I snuck in some changes to convert http:// to https://.

Mozilla Version Control Tools

This repository contains tools, extensions, hooks, etc to support version
control at Mozilla.

This repository contains the code that Mozilla uses in production to
power ` <>`_,
` <>`_, and among
other sites and services.

The canonical repository is

Most documentation exists in the ``docs/`` directory. It can be
`viewed online <>`_
on Read the Docs. Latest CI reports can be `viewed online

If you are interested in getting in touch with the people who maintain
this repository, join ``#vcs`` in ````.

.. note:: A dev environment is needed for performing admin operations

    Before you can use any of the ansible playbooks for administration,
    you must have a development environment set up already. Best
    practice is to re-run ``./create-test-environment`` before using
    ``./deploy`` as your ansible entry point.