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Bug 1233882 - Fold base Gradle project into app Gradle project. r=sebastian,mcomella DONTBUILD NPOTB Using the real Android manifest tripped up Robolectric, so I've taken the easy way out and added a dummy TestGeckoApplication; see comment in the code.

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

 * The nsPIEditorTransaction interface.
 * <P>
 * This interface is implemented by every transaction created by this
 * editor implementation. It is used to help us distinguish our internal
 * transactions from those generated by 3rd party extensions.
[scriptable, uuid(4f18ada2-0ddc-11d5-9d3a-0060b0f8baff)]
interface nsPIEditorTransaction : nsISupports
  readonly attribute DOMString txnDescription;