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Bug 675123 - move config.json into virtualenv, a=testonly, DONTBUILD

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

[scriptable, uuid(7fe1ee90-edaa-43f1-9f3b-071099b51f08)]
interface nsIAccessibleStates : nsISupports
   * MSAA State flags - used for bitfield. More than 1 allowed.
  const unsigned long  STATE_UNAVAILABLE        = 0x00000001;  // Disabled, maps to opposite of Java ENABLED, Gnome/ATK SENSITIVE?
  const unsigned long  STATE_SELECTED           = 0x00000002;
  const unsigned long  STATE_FOCUSED            = 0x00000004;
  const unsigned long  STATE_PRESSED            = 0x00000008;
  const unsigned long  STATE_CHECKED            = 0x00000010;
  const unsigned long  STATE_MIXED              = 0x00000020; // 3-state checkbox or toolbar button
  const unsigned long  STATE_READONLY           = 0x00000040; // Maps to opposite of Java/Gnome/ATK EDITABLE state
  const unsigned long  STATE_HOTTRACKED         = 0x00000080;
  const unsigned long  STATE_DEFAULT            = 0x00000100;
  const unsigned long  STATE_EXPANDED           = 0x00000200;
  const unsigned long  STATE_COLLAPSED          = 0x00000400;
  const unsigned long  STATE_BUSY               = 0x00000800;
  const unsigned long  STATE_FLOATING           = 0x00001000;  // Children "owned" not "contained" by parent
  const unsigned long  STATE_MARQUEED           = 0x00002000;
  const unsigned long  STATE_ANIMATED           = 0x00004000;
  const unsigned long  STATE_INVISIBLE          = 0x00008000;  // Programatically hidden
  const unsigned long  STATE_OFFSCREEN          = 0x00010000;  // Scrolled off
  const unsigned long  STATE_SIZEABLE           = 0x00020000;
  const unsigned long  STATE_MOVEABLE           = 0x00040000;
  const unsigned long  STATE_SELFVOICING        = 0x00080000;
  const unsigned long  STATE_FOCUSABLE          = 0x00100000;
  const unsigned long  STATE_SELECTABLE         = 0x00200000;
  const unsigned long  STATE_LINKED             = 0x00400000;
  const unsigned long  STATE_TRAVERSED          = 0x00800000;
  const unsigned long  STATE_MULTISELECTABLE    = 0x01000000;  // Supports multiple selection
  const unsigned long  STATE_EXTSELECTABLE      = 0x02000000;  // Supports extended selection
  const unsigned long  STATE_ALERT_LOW          = 0x04000000;  // This information is of low priority
  const unsigned long  STATE_ALERT_MEDIUM       = 0x08000000;  // This information is of medium priority
  const unsigned long  STATE_ALERT_HIGH         = 0x10000000;  // This information is of high priority
  const unsigned long  STATE_PROTECTED          = 0x20000000;  // Maps to Gnome's *Role* ATK_ROLE_PASSWD_TEXT, nothing for Java?
  const unsigned long  STATE_HASPOPUP           = 0x40000000;  // New in MSAA 2.0

  // Mapping important states that we don't have to unused alert states on MSAA
  // as per discussions with AT vendors. On ATK there will be legitimate states for
  const unsigned long  STATE_REQUIRED           = STATE_ALERT_LOW;
  const unsigned long  STATE_IMPORTANT          = STATE_ALERT_MEDIUM; // Not currently used
  const unsigned long  STATE_INVALID            = STATE_ALERT_HIGH;
  const unsigned long  STATE_CHECKABLE          = STATE_MARQUEED;

 * Extended state flags (for now non-MSAA, for Java and Gnome/ATK support)
 * "Extended state flags" has separate value space from "MSAA State flags".
  const unsigned long  EXT_STATE_SUPPORTS_AUTOCOMPLETION = 0x00000001;  // For editable areas that have any kind of autocompletion
  const unsigned long  EXT_STATE_DEFUNCT                 = 0x00000002;  // Object no longer exists
  const unsigned long  EXT_STATE_SELECTABLE_TEXT         = 0x00000004;  // For text which is selectable, object must implement nsIAccessibleText
  const unsigned long  EXT_STATE_EDITABLE                = 0x00000008;  // Implements nsIAccessibleEditableText
  const unsigned long  EXT_STATE_ACTIVE                  = 0x00000010;  // This window is currently the active window    
  const unsigned long  EXT_STATE_MODAL                   = 0x00000020;  // Must do something with control before leaving it    
  const unsigned long  EXT_STATE_MULTI_LINE              = 0x00000040;  // Edit control that can take multiple lines    
  const unsigned long  EXT_STATE_HORIZONTAL              = 0x00000080;  // Uses horizontal layout
  const unsigned long  EXT_STATE_OPAQUE                  = 0x00000100;  // Indicates this object paints every pixel within its rectangular region.
  const unsigned long  EXT_STATE_SINGLE_LINE             = 0x00000200;  // This text object can only contain 1 line of text    
  const unsigned long  EXT_STATE_TRANSIENT               = 0x00000400;  // 
  const unsigned long  EXT_STATE_VERTICAL                = 0x00000800;  // Especially used for sliders and scrollbars  
  const unsigned long  EXT_STATE_STALE                   = 0x00001000;  // Object not dead, but not up-to-date either
  const unsigned long  EXT_STATE_ENABLED                 = 0x00002000;  // A widget that is not unavailable
  const unsigned long  EXT_STATE_SENSITIVE               = 0x00004000;  // Same as ENABLED for now
  const unsigned long  EXT_STATE_EXPANDABLE              = 0x00008000;  // If COLLAPSED or EXPANDED