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Bug 1045128 - Bump MacOS X SDK to 10.7 for release builds. r=ted This simplifies the medie PlatformDecoderModule build, and makes it easier to create a toolchain needed for release builds. We expect binaries built against the 10.7 sdk to still run on 10.6.

Monty <>
	- Original VP3 port

Ralph Giles
Timothy B. Terriberry
	- Ongoing development
Dan B. Miller
	- Pre alpha3 development
Rudolf Marek
Wim Tayman
Dan Lenski
Nils Pipenbrinck
	- MMX optimized functions
David Schleef
	- C64x port
Aaron Colwell
Thomas Vander Stichele
Jan Gerber
Conrad Parker
Cristian Adam
Sebastian Pippin
Simon Hosie
	- Bug fixes, enhancements, build systems.
Mauricio Piacentini
	- Original win32 projects and example ports
	- VP3->Theora transcoder

Silvia Pfeiffer
	- Figures for the spec

Michael Smith
Andre Pang
Chris Cheney
Brendan Cully
Edward Hervey
Adam Moss
Colin Ward
Jeremy C. Reed
Arc Riley
Rodolphe Ortalo
	- Bug fixes

Robin Watts
	- ARM code optimisations

and other contributors