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Bug 1230910 Add interceptors.h as an include in interception_internal.h TODO - WHY? MozReview-Commit-ID: 1zfvpZQuQq5

// Copyright (c) 2006-2010 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.

// Defines InterceptionManager, the class in charge of setting up interceptions
// for the sandboxed process. For more details see:
// .


#include <stddef.h>

#include "sandbox/win/src/sandbox_types.h"
#include "sandbox/win/src/interceptors.h"

namespace sandbox {

const int kMaxThunkDataBytes = 64;

enum InterceptorId;

// The following structures contain variable size fields at the end, and will be
// used to transfer information between two processes. In order to guarantee
// our ability to follow the chain of structures, the alignment should be fixed,
// hence this pragma.
#pragma pack(push, 4)

// Structures for the shared memory that contains patching information
// for the InterceptionAgent.
// A single interception:
struct FunctionInfo {
  size_t record_bytes;            // rounded to sizeof(size_t) bytes
  InterceptionType type;
  InterceptorId id;
  const void* interceptor_address;
  char function[1];               // placeholder for null terminated name
  // char interceptor[]           // followed by the interceptor function

// A single dll:
struct DllPatchInfo {
  size_t record_bytes;            // rounded to sizeof(size_t) bytes
  size_t offset_to_functions;
  int num_functions;
  bool unload_module;
  wchar_t dll_name[1];            // placeholder for null terminated name
  // FunctionInfo function_info[] // followed by the functions to intercept

// All interceptions:
struct SharedMemory {
  int num_intercepted_dlls;
  void* interceptor_base;
  DllPatchInfo dll_list[1];       // placeholder for the list of dlls

// Dummy single thunk:
struct ThunkData {
  char data[kMaxThunkDataBytes];

// In-memory representation of the interceptions for a given dll:
struct DllInterceptionData {
  size_t data_bytes;
  size_t used_bytes;
  void* base;
  int num_thunks;
#if defined(_WIN64)
  int dummy;                      // Improve alignment.
  ThunkData thunks[1];

#pragma pack(pop)

}  // namespace sandbox