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Bug 1132771 - Add Files to with ability to define Bugzilla component The Files sub-context allows us to attach metadata to files based on pattern matching rules. Patterns are matched against files in a last-write-wins fashion. The sub-context defines the BUG_COMPONENT variable, which is a 2-tuple (actually a named tuple) defining the Bugzilla product and component for files. There are no consumers yet. But an eventual use case will be to suggest a bug component for a patch/commit. Another will be to automatically suggest a bug component for a failing test.

Name: clearkey
Description: ClearKey Gecko Media Plugin
Version: 1
APIs: eme-decrypt-v6[org.w3.clearkey], decode-audio[aac:org.w3.clearkey], decode-video[h264:org.w3.clearkey]
Libraries: dxva2.dll, d3d9.dll, msmpeg2vdec.dll, msmpeg2adec.dll, MSAudDecMFT.dll
APIs: eme-decrypt-v6[org.w3.clearkey]