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Bug 571989 part 2: Fold gfx/public and gfx/idl into gfx/src.

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#ifndef VideoUtils_h
#define VideoUtils_h

#include "mozilla/Monitor.h"

// This file contains stuff we'd rather put elsewhere, but which is
// dependent on other changes which we don't want to wait for. We plan to
// remove this file in the near future.

// This belongs in prtypes.h
 * MACROS:      PR_INT64_MAX
 *              PR_INT64_MIN
 *              PR_UINT64_MAX
 *  The maximum and minimum values of a PRInt64 or PRUint64.

#define PR_INT64_MAX (~((PRInt64)(1) << 63))
#define PR_INT64_MIN (-PR_INT64_MAX - 1)
#define PR_UINT64_MAX (~(PRUint64)(0))

// This belongs in xpcom/monitor/Monitor.h, once we've made
// mozilla::Monitor non-reentrant.
namespace mozilla {

 * MonitorAutoExit
 * Exit the Monitor when it enters scope, and enters it when it leaves 
 * scope.
 * MUCH PREFERRED to bare calls to Monitor.Exit and Enter.
class NS_STACK_CLASS MonitorAutoExit
     * Constructor
     * The constructor releases the given lock.  The destructor
     * acquires the lock. The lock must be held before constructing
     * this object!
     * @param aMonitor A valid mozilla::Monitor* returned by 
     *                 mozilla::Monitor::NewMonitor. It must be
     *                 already locked.
    MonitorAutoExit(mozilla::Monitor &aMonitor) :
        NS_ASSERTION(mMonitor, "null monitor");
    MonitorAutoExit(const MonitorAutoExit&);
    MonitorAutoExit& operator =(const MonitorAutoExit&);
    static void* operator new(size_t) CPP_THROW_NEW;
    static void operator delete(void*);

    mozilla::Monitor* mMonitor;

} // namespace mozilla