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bug 1227638 - deterministically load EV information r=Cykesiopka,mgoodwin Previously PSM would load EV information on-demand (i.e. just before verifying a certificate). This simplifies this operation, removes a dubious optimization (loading the EV information on another thread while opening a network connection), and relocates the loading operation to when we are likely to have good disk locality (i.e. when we've just loaded the built-in roots module). This also removes the now-unused MOZ_NO_EV_CERTS build flag. MozReview-Commit-ID: 8Rnl4ozF95V

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#include "nsQueryFrame.h"

class nsISVGSVGFrame

   * Called when non-attribute changes have caused the element's width/height
   * or its for-children transform to change, and to get the element to notify
   * its children appropriately. aFlags must be set to
   * nsISVGChildFrame::COORD_CONTEXT_CHANGED and/or
  virtual void NotifyViewportOrTransformChanged(uint32_t aFlags)=0; 

#endif // __NS_ISVGSVGFRAME_H__