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Bug 1260651 part.55 Rename nsEditorEventListeners to mozilla::EditorEventListener (and their file names) r?ehsan MozReview-Commit-ID: HqUUCZkaFTT

/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 2; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*- */
/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
 * file, You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/. */

#ifndef __editor_h__
#define __editor_h__

#include "SelectionState.h"             // for RangeUpdater, etc
#include "mozilla/Assertions.h"         // for MOZ_ASSERT, etc.
#include "mozilla/OwningNonNull.h"      // for OwningNonNull
#include "mozilla/StyleSheetHandle.h"   // for StyleSheetHandle
#include "mozilla/dom/Text.h"
#include "nsCOMPtr.h"                   // for already_AddRefed, nsCOMPtr
#include "nsCycleCollectionParticipant.h"
#include "nsGkAtoms.h"
#include "nsIEditor.h"                  // for nsIEditor::EDirection, etc
#include "nsIEditorIMESupport.h"        // for NS_DECL_NSIEDITORIMESUPPORT, etc
#include "nsIObserver.h"                // for NS_DECL_NSIOBSERVER, etc
#include "nsIPhonetic.h"                // for NS_DECL_NSIPHONETIC, etc
#include "nsIPlaintextEditor.h"         // for nsIPlaintextEditor, etc
#include "nsISelectionController.h"     // for nsISelectionController constants
#include "nsISupportsImpl.h"            // for nsEditor::Release, etc
#include "nsIWeakReferenceUtils.h"      // for nsWeakPtr
#include "nsLiteralString.h"            // for NS_LITERAL_STRING
#include "nsString.h"                   // for nsCString
#include "nsWeakReference.h"            // for nsSupportsWeakReference
#include "nscore.h"                     // for nsresult, nsAString, etc

class nsIAtom;
class nsIContent;
class nsIDOMDocument;
class nsIDOMEvent;
class nsIDOMEventListener;
class nsIDOMEventTarget;
class nsIDOMKeyEvent;
class nsIDOMNode;
class nsIDocument;
class nsIDocumentStateListener;
class nsIEditActionListener;
class nsIEditorObserver;
class nsIInlineSpellChecker;
class nsINode;
class nsIPresShell;
class nsISupports;
class nsITransaction;
class nsIWidget;
class nsRange;
class nsString;
class nsTransactionManager;

namespace mozilla {
class AddStyleSheetTransaction;
class AutoRules;
class AutoSelectionRestorer;
class AutoTransactionsConserveSelection;
class ChangeAttributeTransaction;
class CompositionTransaction;
class CreateElementTransaction;
class DeleteNodeTransaction;
class DeleteTextTransaction;
class EditAggregateTransaction;
class ErrorResult;
class InsertNodeTransaction;
class InsertTextTransaction;
class JoinNodeTransaction;
class RemoveStyleSheetTransaction;
class SplitNodeTransaction;
class TextComposition;
struct EditorDOMPoint;

namespace dom {
class DataTransfer;
class Element;
class EventTarget;
class Selection;
class Text;
} // namespace dom
} // namespace mozilla

namespace mozilla {
namespace widget {
struct IMEState;
} // namespace widget
} // namespace mozilla

#define kMOZEditorBogusNodeAttrAtom nsGkAtoms::mozeditorbogusnode
#define kMOZEditorBogusNodeValue NS_LITERAL_STRING("TRUE")

// This is int32_t instead of int16_t because nsIInlineSpellChecker.idl's
// spellCheckAfterEditorChange is defined to take it as a long.
enum class EditAction : int32_t {
  ignore = -1,
  none = 0,
  deleteText = 1003,

  // text commands
  insertText         = 2000,
  insertIMEText      = 2001,
  deleteSelection    = 2002,
  setTextProperty    = 2003,
  removeTextProperty = 2004,
  outputText         = 2005,

  // html only action
  insertBreak         = 3000,
  makeList            = 3001,
  indent              = 3002,
  outdent             = 3003,
  align               = 3004,
  makeBasicBlock      = 3005,
  removeList          = 3006,
  makeDefListItem     = 3007,
  insertElement       = 3008,
  insertQuotation     = 3009,
  htmlPaste           = 3012,
  loadHTML            = 3013,
  resetTextProperties = 3014,
  setAbsolutePosition = 3015,
  removeAbsolutePosition = 3016,
  decreaseZIndex      = 3017,
  increaseZIndex      = 3018

inline bool operator!(const EditAction& aOp)
  return aOp == EditAction::none;

/** implementation of an editor object.  it will be the controller/focal point
 *  for the main editor services. i.e. the GUIManager, publishing, transaction
 *  manager, event interfaces. the idea for the event interfaces is to have them
 *  delegate the actual commands to the editor independent of the XPFE implementation.
class nsEditor : public nsIEditor,
                 public nsIEditorIMESupport,
                 public nsSupportsWeakReference,
                 public nsIPhonetic
  typedef mozilla::ErrorResult        ErrorResult;
  typedef mozilla::dom::Element       Element;
  typedef mozilla::dom::Selection     Selection;
  typedef mozilla::dom::Text          Text;
  template<typename T> using OwningNonNull = mozilla::OwningNonNull<T>;

  enum IterDirection

  /** The default constructor. This should suffice. the setting of the interfaces is done
   *  after the construction of the editor class.

  /** The default destructor. This should suffice. Should this be pure virtual
   *  for someone to derive from the nsEditor later? I don't believe so.
  virtual ~nsEditor();

//Interfaces for addref and release and queryinterface
//NOTE: Use   NS_DECL_ISUPPORTS_INHERITED in any class inherited from nsEditor

  /* ------------ utility methods   -------------- */
  already_AddRefed<nsIDOMDocument> GetDOMDocument();
  already_AddRefed<nsIDocument> GetDocument();
  already_AddRefed<nsIPresShell> GetPresShell();
  already_AddRefed<nsIWidget> GetWidget();
  enum NotificationForEditorObservers
  void NotifyEditorObservers(NotificationForEditorObservers aNotification);

  /* ------------ nsIEditor methods -------------- */

  /* ------------ nsIEditorIMESupport methods -------------- */

  // nsIPhonetic


  virtual bool IsModifiableNode(nsINode *aNode);

  virtual nsresult InsertTextImpl(const nsAString& aStringToInsert,
                                  nsCOMPtr<nsINode>* aInOutNode,
                                  int32_t* aInOutOffset,
                                  nsIDocument* aDoc);
  nsresult InsertTextIntoTextNodeImpl(const nsAString& aStringToInsert,
                                      Text& aTextNode, int32_t aOffset,
                                      bool aSuppressIME = false);
  NS_IMETHOD DeleteSelectionImpl(EDirection aAction,
                                 EStripWrappers aStripWrappers);

  already_AddRefed<Element> DeleteSelectionAndCreateElement(nsIAtom& aTag);

  /* helper routines for node/parent manipulations */
  nsresult DeleteNode(nsINode* aNode);
  nsresult InsertNode(nsIContent& aNode, nsINode& aParent, int32_t aPosition);
  enum ECloneAttributes { eDontCloneAttributes, eCloneAttributes };
  already_AddRefed<Element> ReplaceContainer(Element* aOldContainer,
                                             nsIAtom* aNodeType,
                                             nsIAtom* aAttribute = nullptr,
                                             const nsAString* aValue = nullptr,
                                             ECloneAttributes aCloneAttributes
                                             = eDontCloneAttributes);
  void CloneAttributes(Element* aDest, Element* aSource);

  nsresult RemoveContainer(nsIContent* aNode);
  already_AddRefed<Element> InsertContainerAbove(nsIContent* aNode,
                                                 nsIAtom* aNodeType,
                                                 nsIAtom* aAttribute = nullptr,
                                                 const nsAString* aValue =
  nsIContent* SplitNode(nsIContent& aNode, int32_t aOffset,
                        ErrorResult& aResult);
  nsresult JoinNodes(nsINode& aLeftNode, nsINode& aRightNode);
  nsresult MoveNode(nsIContent* aNode, nsINode* aParent, int32_t aOffset);

  /* Method to replace certain CreateElementNS() calls.
      nsIAtom* aTag          - tag you want
  already_AddRefed<Element> CreateHTMLContent(nsIAtom* aTag);

  // IME event handlers
  virtual nsresult BeginIMEComposition(mozilla::WidgetCompositionEvent* aEvent);
  virtual nsresult UpdateIMEComposition(nsIDOMEvent* aDOMTextEvent) = 0;
  void EndIMEComposition();

  void SwitchTextDirectionTo(uint32_t aDirection);

  nsresult DetermineCurrentDirection();
  void FireInputEvent();

  /** Create a transaction for setting aAttribute to aValue on aElement.  Never
    * returns null.
  CreateTxnForSetAttribute(Element& aElement, nsIAtom& aAttribute,
                           const nsAString& aValue);

  /** Create a transaction for removing aAttribute on aElement.  Never returns
    * null.
  CreateTxnForRemoveAttribute(Element& aElement, nsIAtom& aAttribute);

  /** create a transaction for creating a new child node of aParent of type aTag.
  CreateTxnForCreateElement(nsIAtom& aTag,
                            nsINode& aParent,
                            int32_t aPosition);

  already_AddRefed<Element> CreateNode(nsIAtom* aTag, nsINode* aParent,
                                       int32_t aPosition);

  /** create a transaction for inserting aNode as a child of aParent.
  CreateTxnForInsertNode(nsIContent& aNode, nsINode& aParent, int32_t aOffset);

  /** create a transaction for removing aNode from its parent.
  nsresult CreateTxnForDeleteNode(
             nsINode* aNode,
             mozilla::DeleteNodeTransaction** aTransaction);

  nsresult CreateTxnForDeleteSelection(
             EDirection aAction,
             mozilla::EditAggregateTransaction** aTransaction,
             nsINode** aNode,
             int32_t* aOffset,
             int32_t* aLength);

  nsresult CreateTxnForDeleteInsertionPoint(
             nsRange* aRange,
             EDirection aAction,
             mozilla::EditAggregateTransaction* aTransaction,
             nsINode** aNode,
             int32_t* aOffset,
             int32_t* aLength);

  /** Create a transaction for inserting aStringToInsert into aTextNode.  Never
    * returns null.
  CreateTxnForInsertText(const nsAString& aStringToInsert, Text& aTextNode,
                         int32_t aOffset);

  // Never returns null.
  CreateTxnForComposition(const nsAString& aStringToInsert);

  /** create a transaction for adding a style sheet
  NS_IMETHOD CreateTxnForAddStyleSheet(
               mozilla::StyleSheetHandle aSheet,
               mozilla::AddStyleSheetTransaction** aTransaction);

  /** create a transaction for removing a style sheet
  NS_IMETHOD CreateTxnForRemoveStyleSheet(
               mozilla::StyleSheetHandle aSheet,
               mozilla::RemoveStyleSheetTransaction** aTransaction);

  nsresult DeleteText(nsGenericDOMDataNode& aElement,
                      uint32_t aOffset, uint32_t aLength);

//  NS_IMETHOD DeleteRange(nsIDOMRange *aRange);

  CreateTxnForDeleteText(nsGenericDOMDataNode& aElement,
                         uint32_t aOffset, uint32_t aLength);

  CreateTxnForDeleteCharacter(nsGenericDOMDataNode& aData, uint32_t aOffset,
                              EDirection aDirection);

  CreateTxnForSplitNode(nsIContent& aNode, uint32_t aOffset);

  CreateTxnForJoinNode(nsINode& aLeftNode, nsINode& aRightNode);

   * This method first deletes the selection, if it's not collapsed.  Then if
   * the selection lies in a CharacterData node, it splits it.  If the
   * selection is at this point collapsed in a CharacterData node, it's
   * adjusted to be collapsed right before or after the node instead (which is
   * always possible, since the node was split).
  nsresult DeleteSelectionAndPrepareToCreateNode();

  // called after a transaction is done successfully
  void DoAfterDoTransaction(nsITransaction *aTxn);
  // called after a transaction is undone successfully
  void DoAfterUndoTransaction();
  // called after a transaction is redone successfully
  void DoAfterRedoTransaction();

  typedef enum {
  } TDocumentListenerNotification;

  // tell the doc state listeners that the doc state has changed
  NS_IMETHOD NotifyDocumentListeners(TDocumentListenerNotification aNotificationType);

  /** make the given selection span the entire document */
  virtual nsresult SelectEntireDocument(Selection* aSelection);

  /** helper method for scrolling the selection into view after
   *  an edit operation. aScrollToAnchor should be true if you
   *  want to scroll to the point where the selection was started.
   *  If false, it attempts to scroll the end of the selection into view.
   *  Editor methods *should* call this method instead of the versions
   *  in the various selection interfaces, since this version makes sure
   *  that the editor's sync/async settings for reflowing, painting, and
   *  scrolling match.
  NS_IMETHOD ScrollSelectionIntoView(bool aScrollToAnchor);

  // stub.  see comment in source.
  virtual bool IsBlockNode(nsINode* aNode);

  // helper for GetPriorNode and GetNextNode
  nsIContent* FindNextLeafNode(nsINode  *aCurrentNode,
                               bool      aGoForward,
                               bool      bNoBlockCrossing);

  // install the event listeners for the editor
  virtual nsresult InstallEventListeners();

  virtual void CreateEventListeners();

  // unregister and release our event listeners
  virtual void RemoveEventListeners();

   * Return true if spellchecking should be enabled for this editor.
  bool GetDesiredSpellCheckState();

  bool CanEnableSpellCheck()
    // Check for password/readonly/disabled, which are not spellchecked
    // regardless of DOM. Also, check to see if spell check should be skipped or not.
    return !IsPasswordEditor() && !IsReadonly() && !IsDisabled() && !ShouldSkipSpellCheck();

   * EnsureComposition() should be called by composition event handlers.  This
   * tries to get the composition for the event and set it to mComposition.
  void EnsureComposition(mozilla::WidgetCompositionEvent* aCompositionEvent);

  nsresult GetSelection(mozilla::SelectionType aSelectionType,
                        nsISelection** aSelection);


  /** All editor operations which alter the doc should be prefaced
   *  with a call to StartOperation, naming the action and direction */
  NS_IMETHOD StartOperation(EditAction opID,
                            nsIEditor::EDirection aDirection);

  /** All editor operations which alter the doc should be followed
   *  with a call to EndOperation */
  NS_IMETHOD EndOperation();

  /** routines for managing the preservation of selection across
   *  various editor actions */
  bool     ArePreservingSelection();
  void     PreserveSelectionAcrossActions(Selection* aSel);
  nsresult RestorePreservedSelection(Selection* aSel);
  void     StopPreservingSelection();

   * SplitNode() creates a new node identical to an existing node, and split
   * the contents between the two nodes
   * @param aExistingRightNode  The node to split.  It will become the new
   *                            node's next sibling.
   * @param aOffset             The offset of aExistingRightNode's
   *                            content|children to do the split at
   * @param aNewLeftNode        The new node resulting from the split, becomes
   *                            aExistingRightNode's previous sibling.
  nsresult SplitNodeImpl(nsIContent& aExistingRightNode,
                         int32_t aOffset,
                         nsIContent& aNewLeftNode);

   * JoinNodes() takes 2 nodes and merge their content|children.
   * @param aNodeToKeep   The node that will remain after the join.
   * @param aNodeToJoin   The node that will be joined with aNodeToKeep.
   *                      There is no requirement that the two nodes be of the same type.
   * @param aParent       The parent of aNodeToKeep
  nsresult JoinNodesImpl(nsINode* aNodeToKeep,
                         nsINode* aNodeToJoin,
                         nsINode* aParent);

   * Return the offset of aChild in aParent.  Asserts fatally if parent or
   * child is null, or parent is not child's parent.
  static int32_t GetChildOffset(nsIDOMNode *aChild,
                                nsIDOMNode *aParent);

   *  Set outOffset to the offset of aChild in the parent.
   *  Returns the parent of aChild.
  static already_AddRefed<nsIDOMNode> GetNodeLocation(nsIDOMNode* aChild,
                                                      int32_t* outOffset);
  static nsINode* GetNodeLocation(nsINode* aChild, int32_t* aOffset);

  /** returns the number of things inside aNode in the out-param aCount.
    * @param  aNode is the node to get the length of.
    *         If aNode is text, returns number of characters.
    *         If not, returns number of children nodes.
    * @param  aCount [OUT] the result of the above calculation.
  static nsresult GetLengthOfDOMNode(nsIDOMNode *aNode, uint32_t &aCount);

  /** get the node immediately prior to aCurrentNode
    * @param aCurrentNode   the node from which we start the search
    * @param aEditableNode  if true, only return an editable node
    * @param aResultNode    [OUT] the node that occurs before aCurrentNode in the tree,
    *                       skipping non-editable nodes if aEditableNode is true.
    *                       If there is no prior node, aResultNode will be nullptr.
    * @param bNoBlockCrossing If true, don't move across "block" nodes, whatever that means.
  nsIContent* GetPriorNode(nsINode* aCurrentNode, bool aEditableNode,
                           bool aNoBlockCrossing = false);

  // and another version that takes a {parent,offset} pair rather than a node
  nsIContent* GetPriorNode(nsINode* aParentNode,
                           int32_t aOffset,
                           bool aEditableNode,
                           bool aNoBlockCrossing = false);

  /** get the node immediately after to aCurrentNode
    * @param aCurrentNode   the node from which we start the search
    * @param aEditableNode  if true, only return an editable node
    * @param aResultNode    [OUT] the node that occurs after aCurrentNode in the tree,
    *                       skipping non-editable nodes if aEditableNode is true.
    *                       If there is no prior node, aResultNode will be nullptr.
  nsIContent* GetNextNode(nsINode* aCurrentNode,
                          bool aEditableNode,
                          bool bNoBlockCrossing = false);

  // and another version that takes a {parent,offset} pair rather than a node
  nsIContent* GetNextNode(nsINode* aParentNode,
                          int32_t aOffset,
                          bool aEditableNode,
                          bool aNoBlockCrossing = false);

  // Helper for GetNextNode and GetPriorNode
  nsIContent* FindNode(nsINode *aCurrentNode,
                       bool     aGoForward,
                       bool     aEditableNode,
                       bool     bNoBlockCrossing);
   * Get the rightmost child of aCurrentNode;
   * return nullptr if aCurrentNode has no children.
  nsIContent* GetRightmostChild(nsINode *aCurrentNode,
                                bool     bNoBlockCrossing = false);

   * Get the leftmost child of aCurrentNode;
   * return nullptr if aCurrentNode has no children.
  nsIContent* GetLeftmostChild(nsINode *aCurrentNode,
                               bool     bNoBlockCrossing = false);

  /** returns true if aNode is of the type implied by aTag */
  static inline bool NodeIsType(nsIDOMNode *aNode, nsIAtom *aTag)
    return GetTag(aNode) == aTag;

  /** returns true if aParent can contain a child of type aTag */
  bool CanContain(nsINode& aParent, nsIContent& aChild);
  bool CanContainTag(nsINode& aParent, nsIAtom& aTag);
  bool TagCanContain(nsIAtom& aParentTag, nsIContent& aChild);
  virtual bool TagCanContainTag(nsIAtom& aParentTag, nsIAtom& aChildTag);

  /** returns true if aNode is our root node */
  bool IsRoot(nsIDOMNode* inNode);
  bool IsRoot(nsINode* inNode);
  bool IsEditorRoot(nsINode* aNode);

  /** returns true if aNode is a descendant of our root node */
  bool IsDescendantOfRoot(nsIDOMNode* inNode);
  bool IsDescendantOfRoot(nsINode* inNode);
  bool IsDescendantOfEditorRoot(nsINode* aNode);

  /** returns true if aNode is a container */
  virtual bool IsContainer(nsINode* aNode);
  virtual bool IsContainer(nsIDOMNode* aNode);

  /** returns true if aNode is an editable node */
  bool IsEditable(nsIDOMNode *aNode);
  virtual bool IsEditable(nsINode* aNode);

  /** returns true if aNode is a MozEditorBogus node */
  bool IsMozEditorBogusNode(nsINode* aNode);

  /** counts number of editable child nodes */
  uint32_t CountEditableChildren(nsINode* aNode);

  /** Find the deep first and last children. */
  nsINode* GetFirstEditableNode(nsINode* aRoot);

   * Returns current composition.
  mozilla::TextComposition* GetComposition() const;
   * Returns true if there is composition string and not fixed.
  bool IsIMEComposing() const;
   * Returns true when inserting text should be a part of current composition.
  bool ShouldHandleIMEComposition() const;

  /** from html rules code - migration in progress */
  static nsresult GetTagString(nsIDOMNode *aNode, nsAString& outString);
  static nsIAtom *GetTag(nsIDOMNode *aNode);

  bool NodesSameType(nsIDOMNode *aNode1, nsIDOMNode *aNode2);
  virtual bool AreNodesSameType(nsIContent* aNode1, nsIContent* aNode2);

  static bool IsTextNode(nsIDOMNode *aNode);
  static bool IsTextNode(nsINode *aNode);

  static nsCOMPtr<nsIDOMNode> GetChildAt(nsIDOMNode *aParent, int32_t aOffset);
  static nsIContent* GetNodeAtRangeOffsetPoint(nsIDOMNode* aParentOrNode,
                                               int32_t aOffset);

  static nsresult GetStartNodeAndOffset(Selection* aSelection,
                                        nsIDOMNode** outStartNode,
                                        int32_t* outStartOffset);
  static nsresult GetStartNodeAndOffset(Selection* aSelection,
                                        nsINode** aStartNode,
                                        int32_t* aStartOffset);
  static nsresult GetEndNodeAndOffset(Selection* aSelection,
                                      nsIDOMNode** outEndNode,
                                      int32_t* outEndOffset);
  static nsresult GetEndNodeAndOffset(Selection* aSelection,
                                      nsINode** aEndNode,
                                      int32_t* aEndOffset);
  static void DumpNode(nsIDOMNode *aNode, int32_t indent=0);
  Selection* GetSelection(mozilla::SelectionType aSelectionType =

  // Helpers to add a node to the selection.
  // Used by table cell selection methods
  nsresult CreateRange(nsIDOMNode *aStartParent, int32_t aStartOffset,
                       nsIDOMNode *aEndParent, int32_t aEndOffset,
                       nsRange** aRange);

  // Creates a range with just the supplied node and appends that to the selection
  nsresult AppendNodeToSelectionAsRange(nsIDOMNode *aNode);
  // When you are using AppendNodeToSelectionAsRange, call this first to start a new selection
  nsresult ClearSelection();

  nsresult IsPreformatted(nsIDOMNode *aNode, bool *aResult);

  enum class EmptyContainers { no, yes };
  int32_t SplitNodeDeep(nsIContent& aNode, nsIContent& aSplitPointParent,
                        int32_t aSplitPointOffset,
                        EmptyContainers aEmptyContainers =
                        nsIContent** outLeftNode = nullptr,
                        nsIContent** outRightNode = nullptr);
  mozilla::EditorDOMPoint JoinNodeDeep(nsIContent& aLeftNode,
                                       nsIContent& aRightNode);

  nsresult GetString(const nsAString& name, nsAString& value);

  void BeginUpdateViewBatch(void);
  virtual nsresult EndUpdateViewBatch(void);

  bool GetShouldTxnSetSelection();

  virtual nsresult HandleKeyPressEvent(nsIDOMKeyEvent* aKeyEvent);

  nsresult HandleInlineSpellCheck(EditAction action,
                                  Selection* aSelection,
                                    nsIDOMNode *previousSelectedNode,
                                    int32_t previousSelectedOffset,
                                    nsIDOMNode *aStartNode,
                                    int32_t aStartOffset,
                                    nsIDOMNode *aEndNode,
                                    int32_t aEndOffset);

  virtual already_AddRefed<mozilla::dom::EventTarget> GetDOMEventTarget() = 0;

  // Fast non-refcounting editor root element accessor
  Element* GetRoot();

  // Likewise, but gets the editor's root instead, which is different for HTML
  // editors
  virtual Element* GetEditorRoot();

  // Likewise, but gets the text control element instead of the root for
  // plaintext editors
  Element* GetExposedRoot();

  // Accessor methods to flags
  bool IsPlaintextEditor() const
    return (mFlags & nsIPlaintextEditor::eEditorPlaintextMask) != 0;

  bool IsSingleLineEditor() const
    return (mFlags & nsIPlaintextEditor::eEditorSingleLineMask) != 0;

  bool IsPasswordEditor() const
    return (mFlags & nsIPlaintextEditor::eEditorPasswordMask) != 0;

  bool IsReadonly() const
    return (mFlags & nsIPlaintextEditor::eEditorReadonlyMask) != 0;

  bool IsDisabled() const
    return (mFlags & nsIPlaintextEditor::eEditorDisabledMask) != 0;

  bool IsInputFiltered() const
    return (mFlags & nsIPlaintextEditor::eEditorFilterInputMask) != 0;

  bool IsMailEditor() const
    return (mFlags & nsIPlaintextEditor::eEditorMailMask) != 0;

  bool IsWrapHackEnabled() const
    return (mFlags & nsIPlaintextEditor::eEditorEnableWrapHackMask) != 0;

  bool IsFormWidget() const
    return (mFlags & nsIPlaintextEditor::eEditorWidgetMask) != 0;

  bool NoCSS() const
    return (mFlags & nsIPlaintextEditor::eEditorNoCSSMask) != 0;

  bool IsInteractionAllowed() const
    return (mFlags & nsIPlaintextEditor::eEditorAllowInteraction) != 0;

  bool DontEchoPassword() const
    return (mFlags & nsIPlaintextEditor::eEditorDontEchoPassword) != 0;

  bool ShouldSkipSpellCheck() const
    return (mFlags & nsIPlaintextEditor::eEditorSkipSpellCheck) != 0;

  bool IsTabbable() const
    return IsSingleLineEditor() || IsPasswordEditor() || IsFormWidget() ||

  bool HasIndependentSelection() const
    return !!mSelConWeak;

  // Get the input event target. This might return null.
  virtual already_AddRefed<nsIContent> GetInputEventTargetContent() = 0;

  // Get the focused content, if we're focused.  Returns null otherwise.
  virtual already_AddRefed<nsIContent> GetFocusedContent();

  // Get the focused content for the argument of some IMEStateManager's
  // methods.
  virtual already_AddRefed<nsIContent> GetFocusedContentForIME();

  // Whether the editor is active on the DOM window.  Note that when this
  // returns true but GetFocusedContent() returns null, it means that this editor was
  // focused when the DOM window was active.
  virtual bool IsActiveInDOMWindow();

  // Whether the aEvent should be handled by this editor or not.  When this
  // returns FALSE, The aEvent shouldn't be handled on this editor,
  // i.e., The aEvent should be handled by another inner editor or ancestor
  // elements.
  virtual bool IsAcceptableInputEvent(nsIDOMEvent* aEvent);

  // FindSelectionRoot() returns a selection root of this editor when aNode
  // gets focus.  aNode must be a content node or a document node.  When the
  // target isn't a part of this editor, returns nullptr.  If this is for
  // designMode, you should set the document node to aNode except that an
  // element in the document has focus.
  virtual already_AddRefed<nsIContent> FindSelectionRoot(nsINode* aNode);

  // Initializes selection and caret for the editor.  If aEventTarget isn't
  // a host of the editor, i.e., the editor doesn't get focus, this does
  // nothing.
  nsresult InitializeSelection(nsIDOMEventTarget* aFocusEventTarget);

  // This method has to be called by EditorEventListener::Focus.
  // All actions that have to be done when the editor is focused needs to be
  // added here.
  void OnFocus(nsIDOMEventTarget* aFocusEventTarget);

  // Used to insert content from a data transfer into the editable area.
  // This is called for each item in the data transfer, with the index of
  // each item passed as aIndex.
  virtual nsresult InsertFromDataTransfer(mozilla::dom::DataTransfer *aDataTransfer,
                                          int32_t aIndex,
                                          nsIDOMDocument *aSourceDoc,
                                          nsIDOMNode *aDestinationNode,
                                          int32_t aDestOffset,
                                          bool aDoDeleteSelection) = 0;

  virtual nsresult InsertFromDrop(nsIDOMEvent* aDropEvent) = 0;

  virtual already_AddRefed<nsIDOMNode> FindUserSelectAllNode(nsIDOMNode* aNode) { return nullptr; }

   * GetIMESelectionStartOffsetIn() returns the start offset of IME selection in
   * the aTextNode.  If there is no IME selection, returns -1.
  int32_t GetIMESelectionStartOffsetIn(nsINode* aTextNode);

   * FindBetterInsertionPoint() tries to look for better insertion point which
   * is typically the nearest text node and offset in it.
  void FindBetterInsertionPoint(nsCOMPtr<nsINode>& aNode,
                                int32_t& aOffset);

   * HideCaret() hides caret with nsCaret::AddForceHide() or may show carent
   * with nsCaret::RemoveForceHide().  This does NOT set visibility of
   * nsCaret.  Therefore, this is stateless.
  void HideCaret(bool aHide);

  enum Tristate {
  // Spellchecking
  nsCString mContentMIMEType;       // MIME type of the doc we are editing.

  nsCOMPtr<nsIInlineSpellChecker> mInlineSpellChecker;

  RefPtr<nsTransactionManager> mTxnMgr;
  nsCOMPtr<Element> mRootElement; // cached root node
  RefPtr<Text>    mIMETextNode; // current IME text node
  nsCOMPtr<mozilla::dom::EventTarget> mEventTarget; // The form field as an event receiver
  nsCOMPtr<nsIDOMEventListener> mEventListener;
  nsWeakPtr        mSelConWeak;          // weak reference to the nsISelectionController
  nsWeakPtr        mPlaceHolderTxn;      // weak reference to placeholder for begin/end batch purposes
  nsWeakPtr        mDocWeak;             // weak reference to the nsIDOMDocument
  nsIAtom          *mPlaceHolderName;    // name of placeholder transaction
  // Saved selection state for placeholder transaction batching.
  mozilla::SelectionState* mSelState;
  nsString         *mPhonetic;
  // IME composition this is not null between compositionstart and
  // compositionend.
  RefPtr<mozilla::TextComposition> mComposition;

  // various listeners
  // Listens to all low level actions on the doc
  nsTArray<OwningNonNull<nsIEditActionListener>> mActionListeners;
  // Just notify once per high level change
  nsTArray<OwningNonNull<nsIEditorObserver>> mEditorObservers;
  // Listen to overall doc state (dirty or not, just created, etc)
  nsTArray<OwningNonNull<nsIDocumentStateListener>> mDocStateListeners;

  // Cached selection for AutoSelectionRestorer.
  mozilla::SelectionState mSavedSel;
  // Utility class object for maintaining preserved ranges.
  mozilla::RangeUpdater mRangeUpdater;

  uint32_t          mModCount;     // number of modifications (for undo/redo stack)
  uint32_t          mFlags;        // behavior flags. See nsIPlaintextEditor.idl for the flags we use.

  int32_t           mUpdateCount;

  int32_t           mPlaceHolderBatch;   // nesting count for batching
  EditAction        mAction;             // the current editor action

  uint32_t          mIMETextOffset;    // offset in text node where IME comp string begins
  // The Length of the composition string or commit string.  If this is length
  // of commit string, the length is truncated by maxlength attribute.
  uint32_t          mIMETextLength;

  EDirection        mDirection;          // the current direction of editor action
  int8_t            mDocDirtyState;      // -1 = not initialized
  uint8_t           mSpellcheckCheckboxState; // a Tristate value

  bool mShouldTxnSetSelection;  // turn off for conservative selection adjustment by txns
  bool mDidPreDestroy;    // whether PreDestroy has been called
  bool mDidPostCreate;    // whether PostCreate has been called
  bool mDispatchInputEvent;
  bool mIsInEditAction;   // true while the instance is handling an edit action
  bool mHidingCaret;      // whether caret is hidden forcibly.

  friend bool NSCanUnload(nsISupports* serviceMgr);
  friend class mozilla::AutoRules;
  friend class mozilla::AutoSelectionRestorer;
  friend class mozilla::AutoTransactionsConserveSelection;
  friend class mozilla::RangeUpdater;