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Bugsy: synchronize with upstream Using commit a099a9b86682117b54e73f96892bd4923296bce1. The big addition is API key support.

Mozilla Version Control Tools

This repository contains tools, extensions, hooks, etc to support version
control at Mozilla.

This repository contains the code that Mozilla uses in production to
power ` <>`_,
` <>`_, and among
other sites and services.

The canonical repository is

Most documentation exists in the ``docs/`` directory. It can be
`viewed online <>`_
on Read the Docs. Latest CI reports can be `viewed online

If you are interested in getting in touch with the people who maintain
this repository, join ``#vcs`` in ````.

.. note:: A dev environment is needed for performing admin operations

    Before you can use any of the ansible playbooks for administration,
    you must have a development environment set up already. Best
    practice is to re-run ``./create-test-environment`` before using
    ``./deploy`` as your ansible entry point.