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Bug 826381 - Update more tests to go with cset 11f420dd6b47. r=fix-test

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#include "nsIDOMEventTarget.idl"
#include "nsIDOMDOMError.idl"

interface nsIDOMEventListener;

[scriptable, builtinclass, uuid(0662d161-6df7-41fc-a044-0ab0c668680c)]
interface nsIDOMTelephonyCall : nsIDOMEventTarget
  readonly attribute DOMString number;

  readonly attribute DOMString state;

  readonly attribute nsIDOMDOMError error;

  void answer();
  void hangUp();
  void hold();
  void resume();

  [implicit_jscontext] attribute jsval onstatechange;

  [implicit_jscontext] attribute jsval ondialing;
  [implicit_jscontext] attribute jsval onalerting;
  [implicit_jscontext] attribute jsval onbusy;
  [implicit_jscontext] attribute jsval onconnecting;
  [implicit_jscontext] attribute jsval onconnected;
  [implicit_jscontext] attribute jsval ondisconnecting;
  [implicit_jscontext] attribute jsval ondisconnected;
  [implicit_jscontext] attribute jsval onholding;
  [implicit_jscontext] attribute jsval onheld;
  [implicit_jscontext] attribute jsval onresuming;

  [implicit_jscontext] attribute jsval onerror;