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Bug 86396: update NSPR to NSPR_4_8_BETA1. Also fix Bug 491045, bug 476996, bug 485318, bug 485374, bug 427136.

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIDocument;
interface nsIScriptElement;
interface nsIScriptLoaderObserver;

[scriptable, uuid(339a4eb5-dac6-4034-8c43-f4f8c645ce57)]
interface nsIScriptLoader : nsISupports {
   * Initialize loader with a document. The container of this document
   * will be used for getting script evaluation information, including
   * the context in which to do the evaluation. The loader maintains a 
   * strong reference to the document.
   * @param aDocument The document to use as the basis for script
   *        processing.
  void init(in nsIDocument aDocument);

   * The loader maintains a strong reference to the document with
   * which it is initialized. This call forces the reference to
   * be dropped.
  void dropDocumentReference();

   * Add an observer for all scripts loaded through this loader.
   * @param aObserver observer for all script processing.
  void addObserver(in nsIScriptLoaderObserver aObserver);

   * Remove an observer.
   * @param aObserver observer to be removed
  void removeObserver(in nsIScriptLoaderObserver aObserver);
   * Process a script element. This will include both loading the 
   * source of the element if it is not inline and evaluating
   * the script itself.
   * @param aElement The element representing the script to be loaded and
   *        evaluated.
   * @param aObserver An observer for this script load only
  void processScriptElement(in nsIScriptElement aElement,
                            in nsIScriptLoaderObserver aObserver);

   * Gets the currently executing script. This is useful if you want to
   * generate a unique key based on the currently executing script.
  nsIScriptElement getCurrentScript();

   * Whether the loader is enabled or not.
   * When disabled, processing of new script elements is disabled. 
   * Any call to processScriptElement() will fail with a return code of
   * NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE. Note that this DOES NOT disable
   * currently loading or executing scripts.
  attribute boolean enabled;