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Bug 938994 - Post: Update Gradle configurations. r?sebastian I moved the JAR out of the root directory because I didn't want multiple copies of things in robocop/ appearing in IntelliJ, although this turns out to not be strictly necessary. Keeping it as part of a general push to move things out of the root dumping ground.


# Script to update the mozilla in-tree copy of the Brotli decompressor.
# Run this within the /modules/brotli directory of the source tree.

MY_TEMP_DIR=`mktemp -d -t brotli_update` || exit 1

git clone ${MY_TEMP_DIR}/brotli

COMMIT=`(cd ${MY_TEMP_DIR}/brotli && git log | head -n 1)`
perl -p -i -e "s/\[commit [0-9a-f]{40}\]/[${COMMIT}]/" README.mozilla;

rm -rf dec
mv ${MY_TEMP_DIR}/brotli/dec dec
rm -rf ${MY_TEMP_DIR}
hg add dec

echo "###"
echo "### Updated brotli/dec to $COMMIT."
echo "### Remember to verify and commit the changes to source control!"
echo "###"