author Patrick Brosset <>
Thu, 28 May 2015 09:30:03 +0200
changeset 268219 4c78329ad9704563485ed14f4a7e6979c090d299
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Bug 1166189 - ESLint configuration files for devtools; r=tromey Adds a global .eslintrc file for all source files in /browser/devtools. This file defines a set of global variables that are commonly used in /browser/devtools code. The files that import modules with Cu.import will need to define their own globals as /* globals ... */ comments. This file also defines the configuration for all the rules we want to use. This also adds a set of .eslintrc files, one per test directory in /browser/devtools. Each of these files extend from one of 2 parent config files: .eslintrc.xpcshell or .eslintrc.mochitest. The parent config define the set of globals these types of tests have access to (test runner functions, assertion functions, etc.). Finally, this also adds .eslintrc files in /toolkit/devtools for code and tests, which just extend from their counterparts in /browser/devtools.

  // Extend from the main devtools eslintrc over in browser/devtools.
  "extends": "../../browser/devtools/.eslintrc"