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Bug 588507: Skip caching if Content-Length is greater than eviction size. r=michal, a=betaN+

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#ifndef _nsCacheMetaData_h_
#define _nsCacheMetaData_h_

#include "nspr.h"
#include "nscore.h"

class nsICacheMetaDataVisitor;

class nsCacheMetaData {
    nsCacheMetaData() : mBuffer(nsnull), mBufferSize(0), mMetaSize(0) { }

    ~nsCacheMetaData() {
        mBufferSize = mMetaSize = 0;  

    const char *  GetElement(const char * key);

    nsresult      SetElement(const char * key, const char * value);

    PRUint32      Size(void) { return mMetaSize; }

    nsresult      FlattenMetaData(char * buffer, PRUint32 bufSize);

    nsresult      UnflattenMetaData(const char * buffer, PRUint32 bufSize);

    nsresult      VisitElements(nsICacheMetaDataVisitor * visitor);

    nsresult      EnsureBuffer(PRUint32 size);

    char *        mBuffer;
    PRUint32      mBufferSize;
    PRUint32      mMetaSize;

#endif // _nsCacheMetaData_h