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Electrolysis bustage, fix up testshell from bug 543696, Remove unused nsIScriptSecurityManager::CheckConnect

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#ifndef nsTransactionManager_h__
#define nsTransactionManager_h__

#include "prmon.h"
#include "nsWeakReference.h"
#include "nsITransactionManager.h"
#include "nsCOMArray.h"
#include "nsITransactionListener.h"
#include "nsCycleCollectionParticipant.h"

class nsITransaction;
class nsITransactionListener;
class nsTransactionItem;
class nsTransactionStack;
class nsTransactionRedoStack;

/** implementation of a transaction manager object.
class nsTransactionManager : public nsITransactionManager
                           , public nsSupportsWeakReference

  PRInt32                mMaxTransactionCount;
  nsTransactionStack     mDoStack;
  nsTransactionStack     mUndoStack;
  nsTransactionRedoStack mRedoStack;
  nsCOMArray<nsITransactionListener> mListeners;

  PRMonitor              *mMonitor;


  /** The default constructor.
  nsTransactionManager(PRInt32 aMaxTransactionCount=-1);

  /** The default destructor.
  virtual ~nsTransactionManager();

  /* Macro for AddRef(), Release(), and QueryInterface() */

  /* nsITransactionManager method implementations. */

  /* nsTransactionManager specific methods. */
  virtual nsresult ClearUndoStack(void);
  virtual nsresult ClearRedoStack(void);

  virtual nsresult WillDoNotify(nsITransaction *aTransaction, PRBool *aInterrupt);
  virtual nsresult DidDoNotify(nsITransaction *aTransaction, nsresult aExecuteResult);
  virtual nsresult WillUndoNotify(nsITransaction *aTransaction, PRBool *aInterrupt);
  virtual nsresult DidUndoNotify(nsITransaction *aTransaction, nsresult aUndoResult);
  virtual nsresult WillRedoNotify(nsITransaction *aTransaction, PRBool *aInterrupt);
  virtual nsresult DidRedoNotify(nsITransaction *aTransaction, nsresult aRedoResult);
  virtual nsresult WillBeginBatchNotify(PRBool *aInterrupt);
  virtual nsresult DidBeginBatchNotify(nsresult aResult);
  virtual nsresult WillEndBatchNotify(PRBool *aInterrupt);
  virtual nsresult DidEndBatchNotify(nsresult aResult);
  virtual nsresult WillMergeNotify(nsITransaction *aTop,
                                   nsITransaction *aTransaction,
                                   PRBool *aInterrupt);
  virtual nsresult DidMergeNotify(nsITransaction *aTop,
                                  nsITransaction *aTransaction,
                                  PRBool aDidMerge,
                                  nsresult aMergeResult);


  /* nsTransactionManager specific private methods. */
  virtual nsresult BeginTransaction(nsITransaction *aTransaction);
  virtual nsresult EndTransaction(void);
  virtual nsresult Lock(void);
  virtual nsresult Unlock(void);

#endif // nsTransactionManager_h__