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Mon, 28 May 2018 11:51:02 -0400
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Bug 1425308 - Automatically view local talos gecko profile in perf-html.io; r?jmaher When running talos locally with --geckoProfile set, the latest gecko-profile archive will automatically be loaded in perf-html.io using the view-gecko-profile tool. To disable this automatic perf-html.io launching, set TALOS_DISABLE_PERFHTMLIO_LAUNCH=1. MozReview-Commit-ID: 8tpLnsPAXD9

# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this file,
# You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/.
from __future__ import absolute_import, print_function

import argparse
import os

from mozlog.commandline import add_logging_group

class _StopAction(argparse.Action):
    def __init__(self, option_strings, dest=argparse.SUPPRESS,
                 default=argparse.SUPPRESS, help=None):
        super(_StopAction, self).__init__(

class _ListTests(_StopAction):
    def __call__(self, parser, namespace, values, option_string=None):
        from talos import test
        print('Available tests:')
        test_class_names = [
            (test_class.name(), test_class.description())
            for test_class in test.test_dict().itervalues()
        for name, description in test_class_names:
            print  # Appends a single blank line to the end

class _ListSuite(_StopAction):
    def __call__(self, parser, namespace, values, option_string=None):
        from talos.config import suites_conf
        print('Available suites:')
        conf = suites_conf()
        max_suite_name = max([len(s) for s in conf])
        pattern = " %%-%ds (%%s)" % max_suite_name
        for name in conf:
            print(pattern % (name, ':'.join(conf[name]['tests'])))

def create_parser(mach_interface=False):
    parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()
    add_arg = parser.add_argument

    if not mach_interface:
        add_arg('-e', '--executablePath', required=True, dest="browser_path",
                help="path to executable we are testing")
    add_arg('-t', '--title', default='qm-pxp01',
            help="Title of the test run")
    add_arg('--branchName', dest="branch_name", default='',
            help="Name of the branch we are testing on")
    add_arg('--browserWait', dest='browser_wait', default=5, type=int,
            help="Amount of time allowed for the browser to cleanly close")
    add_arg('-a', '--activeTests',
            help="List of tests to run, separated by ':' (ex. damp:tart)")
            help="Suite to use (instead of --activeTests)")
            help="Name of the subtest(s) to run (works only on DAMP)")
    add_arg('--mainthread', action='store_true',
            help="Collect mainthread IO data from the browser by setting"
                 " an environment variable")
    add_arg("--mozAfterPaint", action='store_true', dest="tpmozafterpaint",
            help="wait for MozAfterPaint event before recording the time")
    add_arg("--firstPaint", action='store_true', dest="firstpaint",
            help="Also report the first paint value in supported tests")
    add_arg("--useHero", action='store_true', dest="tphero",
            help="use Hero elementtiming attribute to record the time")
    add_arg("--userReady", action='store_true', dest="userready",
            help="Also report the user ready value in supported tests")
    add_arg('--spsProfile', action="store_true", dest="gecko_profile",
            help="(Deprecated - Use --geckoProfile instead.) Profile the "
                 "run and output the results in $MOZ_UPLOAD_DIR.")
    add_arg('--spsProfileInterval', dest='gecko_profile_interval', type=float,
            help="(Deprecated - Use --geckoProfileInterval instead.) How "
                 "frequently to take samples (ms)")
    add_arg('--spsProfileEntries', dest="gecko_profile_entries", type=int,
            help="(Deprecated - Use --geckoProfileEntries instead.) How "
                 "many samples to take with the profiler")
    add_arg('--geckoProfile', action="store_true", dest="gecko_profile",
            help="Profile the run and output the results in $MOZ_UPLOAD_DIR. "
                 "After talos is finished, perf-html.io will be launched in Firefox so you "
                 "can analyze the local profiles. To disable auto-launching of perf-html.io "
                 "set the TALOS_DISABLE_PERFHTMLIO_LAUNCH=1 env var.")
    add_arg('--geckoProfileInterval', dest='gecko_profile_interval', type=float,
            help="How frequently to take samples (ms)")
    add_arg('--geckoProfileEntries', dest="gecko_profile_entries", type=int,
            help="How many samples to take with the profiler")
    add_arg('--extension', dest='extensions', action='append',
            help="Extension to install while running")
    add_arg('--fast', action='store_true',
            help="Run tp tests as tp_fast")
    add_arg('--symbolsPath', dest='symbols_path',
            help="Path to the symbols for the build we are testing")
            help="Path to windows performance tool xperf.exe")
    add_arg('--test_timeout', type=int, default=1200,
            help="Time to wait for the browser to output to the log file")
    add_arg('--errorFile', dest='error_filename',
            help="Filename to store the errors found during the test."
                 " Currently used for xperf only.")
    add_arg('--setpref', action='append', default=[], dest="extraPrefs",
            help="defines an extra user preference")
            help='Test uses mitmproxy to serve the pages, specify the '
                 'path and name of the mitmdump file to playback')
            help="Path to mitmproxy's mitmdump playback tool")
    add_arg("--firstNonBlankPaint", action='store_true', dest="fnbpaint",
            help="Wait for firstNonBlankPaint event before recording the time")
    add_arg('--webServer', dest='webserver',
    if not mach_interface:
        add_arg('--develop', action='store_true', default=False,
                help="useful for running tests on a developer machine."
                     " Doesn't upload to the graph servers.")
    add_arg("--cycles", type=int,
            help="number of browser cycles to run")
            help="manifest file to test")
    add_arg('--tpcycles', type=int,
            help="number of pageloader cycles to run")
    add_arg('--tptimeout', type=int,
            help='number of milliseconds to wait for a load event after'
                 ' calling loadURI before timing out')
    add_arg('--tppagecycles', type=int,
            help='number of pageloader cycles to run for each page in'
                 ' the manifest')
    add_arg('--no-download', action="store_true", dest="no_download",
            help="Do not download the talos test pagesets")
            help='Specify the hg revision or sourcestamp for the changeset'
                 ' we are testing.  This will use the value found in'
                 ' application.ini if it is not specified.')
            help='Specify the url for the repository we are testing. '
                 'This will use the value found in application.ini if'
                 ' it is not specified.')
            help='Will post to the specified framework for Perfherder. '
                 'Default "talos".  Used primarily for experiments on '
                 'new platforms')
    add_arg('--print-tests', action=_ListTests,
            help="print available tests")
    add_arg('--print-suites', action=_ListSuite,
            help="list available suites")
    add_arg('--no-upload-results', action="store_true",
            help="If given, it disables uploading of talos results.")
    add_arg('--stylo-threads', type=int,
            help='If given, run Stylo with a certain number of threads')
    add_arg('--profile', type=str, default=None,
            help="Downloads a profile from TaskCluster and uses it")
    debug_options = parser.add_argument_group('Command Arguments for debugging')
    debug_options.add_argument('--debug', action='store_true',
                               help='Enable the debugger. Not specifying a --debugger option will'
                                    'result in the default debugger being used.')
    debug_options.add_argument('--debugger', default=None,
                               help='Name of debugger to use.')
    debug_options.add_argument('--debugger-args', default=None, metavar='params',
                               help='Command-line arguments to pass to the debugger itself; split'
                                    'as the Bourne shell would.')
    add_arg('--code-coverage', action="store_true",
            help='Remove any existing ccov gcda output files after browser'
                 ' initialization but before starting the tests. NOTE:'
                 ' Currently only supported in production.')

    return parser

def parse_args(argv=None):
    parser = create_parser()
    return parser.parse_args(argv)