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Import NSS_3_12_RC4

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#ifndef nsTablePainter_h__
#define nsTablePainter_h__

#include "celldata.h"

// flags for Paint, PaintChild, PaintChildren are currently only used by tables.
//Table-based paint call; not a direct call as with views
#define NS_PAINT_FLAG_TABLE_BG_PAINT      0x00000001
//Cells should paint their backgrounds only, no children
#define NS_PAINT_FLAG_TABLE_CELL_BG_PASS  0x00000002

#include "nsIFrame.h"
class nsTableFrame;
class nsTableRowGroupFrame;
class nsTableRowFrame;
class nsTableCellFrame;

class TableBackgroundPainter
   * Helper class for painting table backgrounds


    enum Origin { eOrigin_Table, eOrigin_TableRowGroup, eOrigin_TableRow };

    /** Public constructor
      * @param aTableFrame       - the table's table frame
      * @param aOrigin           - what type of table frame is creating this instance
      * @param aPresContext      - the presentation context
      * @param aRenderingContext - the rendering context
      * @param aDirtyRect        - the area that needs to be painted,
      * relative to aRenderingContext
      * @param aPt               - offset of the table frame relative to
      * aRenderingContext
    TableBackgroundPainter(nsTableFrame*        aTableFrame,
                           Origin               aOrigin,
                           nsPresContext*       aPresContext,
                           nsIRenderingContext& aRenderingContext,
                           const nsRect&        aDirtyRect,
                           const nsPoint&       aPt);

    /** Destructor */

    /* ~*~ The Border Collapse Painting Issue ~*~

       In border-collapse, the *table* paints the cells' borders,
       so we need to make sure the backgrounds get painted first
       (underneath) by doing a cell-background-only painting pass.

    /* ~*~ Using nsTablePainter Background Painting ~*~

       A call to PaintTable will normally paint all of the table's
       elements (except the cells in non-BC). Elements with views
       however, will be skipped and must create their own painter
       to call the appropriate paint function in their ::Paint
       method (e.g. painter.PaintRow in nsTableRow::Paint)

    /** Paint background for the table frame and its children down through cells
      * (Cells themselves will only be painted in border collapse)
      * Table must do a flagged TABLE_BG_PAINT ::Paint call on its
      * children afterwards
      * @param aTableFrame - the table frame
      * @param aDeflate    - deflation needed to bring table's mRect
      *                      to the outer grid lines in border-collapse
    nsresult PaintTable(nsTableFrame* aTableFrame, nsMargin* aDeflate);

    /** Paint background for the row group and its children down through cells
      * (Cells themselves will only be painted in border collapse)
      * Standards mode only
      * Table Row Group must do a flagged TABLE_BG_PAINT ::Paint call on its
      * children afterwards
      * @param aFrame - the table row group frame
    nsresult PaintRowGroup(nsTableRowGroupFrame* aFrame)
    { return PaintRowGroup(aFrame, PR_FALSE); }

    /** Paint background for the row and its children down through cells
      * (Cells themselves will only be painted in border collapse)
      * Standards mode only
      * Table Row must do a flagged TABLE_BG_PAINT ::Paint call on its
      * children afterwards
      * @param aFrame - the table row frame
    nsresult PaintRow(nsTableRowFrame* aFrame)
    { return PaintRow(aFrame, PR_FALSE); }


    /** Paint table frame's background
      * @param aTableFrame     - the table frame
      * @param aFirstRowGroup  - the first (in layout order) row group
      *                          may be null
      * @param aLastRowGroup   - the last (in layout order) row group
      *                          may be null
      * @param aDeflate        - adjustment to frame's rect (used for quirks BC)
      *                          may be null
    nsresult PaintTableFrame(nsTableFrame*         aTableFrame,
                             nsTableRowGroupFrame* aFirstRowGroup,
                             nsTableRowGroupFrame* aLastRowGroup,
                             nsMargin*             aDeflate = nsnull);

    /* aPassThrough params indicate whether to paint the element or to just
     * pass through and paint underlying layers only
     * See Public versions for function descriptions
    nsresult PaintRowGroup(nsTableRowGroupFrame* aFrame,
                           PRBool                aPassThrough);
    nsresult PaintRow(nsTableRowFrame* aFrame,
                      PRBool           aPassThrough);

    /** Paint table background layers for this cell space
      * Also paints cell's own background in border-collapse mode
      * @param aFrame      - the cell
      * @param aPassSelf   - pass this cell; i.e. paint only underlying layers
    nsresult PaintCell(nsTableCellFrame* aFrame,
                       PRBool            aPassSelf);

    /** Translate mRenderingContext, mDirtyRect, and mCols' column and
      * colgroup coords
      * @param aDX - origin's x-coord change
      * @param aDY - origin's y-coord change
    void TranslateContext(nscoord aDX,
                          nscoord aDY);

    struct TableBackgroundData;
    friend struct TableBackgroundData;
    struct TableBackgroundData {
      nsIFrame*                 mFrame;
      /** mRect is the rect of mFrame in the current coordinate system */
      nsRect                    mRect;
      const nsStyleBackground*  mBackground;
      const nsStyleBorder*      mBorder;

      /** Data is valid & frame is visible */
      PRBool IsVisible() const { return mBackground != nsnull; }

      /** Constructor */
      /** Destructor */
      /** Destroys synthesized data. MUST be called before destructor
       *  @param aPresContext - the pres context
      void Destroy(nsPresContext* aPresContext);

      /** Clear background data */
      void Clear();

      /** Calculate and set all data values to represent aFrame */
      void SetFull(nsIFrame* aFrame);

      /** Set frame data (mFrame, mRect) but leave style data empty */
      void SetFrame(nsIFrame* aFrame);

      /** Calculate the style data for mFrame */
      void SetData();

      /** True if need to set border-collapse border; must call SetFull beforehand */
      PRBool ShouldSetBCBorder();

      /** Set border-collapse border with aBorderWidth as widths */
      nsresult SetBCBorder(nsMargin&               aBorderWidth,
                           TableBackgroundPainter* aPainter);

      nsStyleBorder* mSynthBorder;

    struct ColData;
    friend struct ColData;
    struct ColData {
      TableBackgroundData  mCol;
      TableBackgroundData* mColGroup; //link to col's parent colgroup's data (owned by painter)
      ColData() {
        mColGroup = nsnull;

    nsPresContext*      mPresContext;
    nsIRenderingContext& mRenderingContext;
    nsPoint              mRenderPt;
    nsRect               mDirtyRect;
#ifdef DEBUG
    nsCompatibility      mCompatMode;
    PRBool               mIsBorderCollapse;
    Origin               mOrigin; //user's table frame type

    ColData*             mCols;  //array of columns' ColData
    PRUint32             mNumCols;
    TableBackgroundData  mRowGroup; //current row group
    TableBackgroundData  mRow;      //current row
    nsRect               mCellRect; //current cell's rect

    nsStyleBorder        mZeroBorder;  //cached zero-width border
    nsStylePadding       mZeroPadding; //cached zero-width padding