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Bug 911242 - [LED] De-couple the control of screen backlight and keyboard backlight. r=dhylands, sr=sicking

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% content mozapps %content/mozapps/
  content/mozapps/preferences/ocsp.js                           (ocsp.js)
  content/mozapps/preferences/ocsp.xul                          (ocsp.xul)
  content/mozapps/preferences/fontbuilder.js                    (fontbuilder.js)
  content/mozapps/preferences/changemp.js                       (changemp.js)
  content/mozapps/preferences/changemp.xul                      (changemp.xul)
  content/mozapps/preferences/removemp.js                       (removemp.js)
  content/mozapps/preferences/removemp.xul                      (removemp.xul)