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Bug 1391427 - Remove rust from linux tooltool manifests. r?glandium Now that all dependent jobs are using taskcluster toolchain artifacts, we can remove the tooltool references from the releng.manifest files. This acts as a confirmation we've updated all the necessary tasks for the linux platform. MozReview-Commit-ID: 4EN5uTqGIXL

    "size": 12072532,
    "digest": "3915f8ec396c56a8a92e6f9695b70f09ce9d1582359d1258e37e3fd43a143bc974410e4cfc27f500e095f34a8956206e0ebf799b7287f0f38def0d5e34ed71c9",
    "algorithm": "sha512",
    "filename": "gtk3.tar.xz",
    "setup": "",
    "unpack": true